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Astroturf : Lessons from the year gone by

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Astroturf : Lessons from the year gone by

The Year 2017, while it closes its account, sets the premise on which the Year 2018 takes off. For, there remains continuum in time. How we attend to the callings of the present moment, lays down the foundation of emerging times.  It is probably in this spirit that people have gone into celebratory mode, as if this would set the trend of the year ahead.

Life, however, doesn’t move to one’s asking.  Not to say anything of the complex world we live in, even individually, we carry our own complexes that doesn’t allow clarity in vision and thought.  And in this desire driven world, with all of us keen to passionately pursue individual specific fanciful dream destinations, being accosted with conflicting interests, becomes a natural corollary. More often, the challenges come unannounced, taking us for a ride. So, life is always subject to unwanted twists and turns.  Accordingly, we need to be well geared up to meet the challenges ahead in all strength. Also, be on full alert to avail of opportunities, if any, unfolding before us.

Well begun is half won.  In this light, it is time to see the legacy that we are carrying from the past. Also, visualise, how the varying energy dynamics of nature is expected to influence our quality of life during the year ahead.  With the help of proven astronomical markers, we can figure out with a fair amount of precision, at least the general trends. In so far as the legacy that we are to carry on, 2017 is marked with three major planetary transitions.  First, Uranus moved into Aries sign after a good 84 years, and shall remain there for another 7 years.  For a short while, that Uranus was in Aries in 2016, was marked with Brexit vote.  With that sense of parochialism seems to have overtaken people of nations faced with serious economic and social challenges. Even in India, there has been lot of hullabaloo on the question of proving one’s nationalistic spirit.

The next major transition has been that of Rahu moving into Cancer sign, which is the 4th house of India’s Independence chart, marked with the general condition of common masses.  Incidentally, Cancer sign is tenanted by Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun in succession.  Moon, concerns matters concerning common masses.  Mercury is marked with youth, communication, media, trade and commerce, intellectual world, policy planning, and diplomatic initiatives. Saturn stands for land owners and farmers, mines and minerals, produce of earth, and elderly people. Venus speaks of financial health of the country, females, art and culture.  And the Sun stands for those in power.

As Rahu touches them one after other, it is bound to create upsetting situation in areas signified by the concerned planets. No wonder, as Rahu moved into Cancer touching upon the natal Sun on August 20, as already predicted, Supreme Court came out with its adversarial judgment deciding right to privacy as a fundamental right.  Voices began to be raised against economic downslide.  Government could no longer camouflage the poor economic indices.  With Rahu now closing up with natal Venus, and transit Saturn as on date ill-disposed off to the latter, still presents a dismal picture in so far as country’s financial health is concerned. The distressed banking sector doesn’t need any elaboration.  Farming sector is in distress. Organised agrarian agitation in different parts of the country has been in evidence.

In the above background, the total Lunar eclipse happening on January 31 evening needs to be marked. The eclipse is happening exactly on the 4th-10th axis of India’s Independence chart, where incidentally the natal Venus and Saturn are posited. It is indicative of sudden destruction and miseries because of unprecedented natural calamity, leading to mass grave. The rural sector is expected to be up in arms against continued neglect.  Financial upheavals are not ruled out.  There may be death of important personality, which may have significant political bearing. Even the New Year chart comes with its own warning signals. Saturn, in transit is opposite natal Mars of nation’s Independence chart, signaling serious security concerns.  Mars and Jupiter together, both ill-disposed off to erratic Rahu, points to possibility of communal flare up. Combust Venus puts a question mark of female security and financial health of the country.

Having said that, let us not forget that human beings are also empowered enough to not only overcome adversarial circumstances through intelligent handling, but also lay down the ground for a better tomorrow. In this spirit, wish you all a very Happy New Year.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: Website:




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