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Easy connection with God power

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Easy connection with God power

When the brain is full of magnetic spiritualism, it starts to attract spiritual magnetism. This in turn provides satisfaction and pleasure to the mind and is the beginning of forming a real connection with God, writes VK Jaiswal

If blood is properly flowing in all veins of the human body with no hindrance, a person can certainly connect with the power of God. Proper circulation of blood increases the magnetic fields in the body due to which magnetic spiritualism is developed in the brain. When the brain is full of magnetic spiritualism, it starts to attract spiritual magnetism. This in turn provides satisfaction and pleasure to the mind and provides a real connection with God.

Concentration or meditation help us maintain proper pressure in all veins. In this process, an attempt is made to develop more mental force towards the flow of blood so that we can rid the veins of the impurities which are creating hindrances in proper circulation of blood. In the process of meditation, when spiritual current is generated in the mind through spiritual attraction between two different waves — the spiritual waves of the open atmosphere and of human mind — the cells in the brain become more active. This develops a mental force by which pressure is created on those veins where the circulation of blood is either blocked or not functioning properly.

If anybody succeeds in ousting these impurities from the veins, he/she shall certainly be connected with the power of God. The circulation of blood in a newborn is maintained as normal because at this stage no impurities are collected in the veins. So the development of the infant’s body and the brain is smoothly running due to easy connection with God. However, as time passes, impurities are collected in our veins. As these impurities increase, the magnetic fields in the body become weak and this diminishes our connection with God. Hence, it is important to maintain this connect so that old age problems don’t bother us.

The development of spiritual magnetism in any human being is an actual base of the progress of spiritual power. Spiritual magnetism is a natural attraction which is naturally developed when this magnetism comes in contact with magnetism which has directly developed by the power of God and its sufficient quantity is always available in this atmosphere, the quantity and quality may be different from place to place. It is surprising that in spite of huge availability of spiritual magnetic fields in the atmosphere, most people are unable to feel this highly pleasuring natural attraction which has the power to rid us of all our tensions.

It is only the obstruction in blood circulation that stops development of spiritual magnetic fields. In these stages, negative energy enters the brain, propelling inactiveness. If anyone is able to remove merely 30 per cent of the impurities in the veins — which supply blood to main organs like the brain and heart — then certainly small magnetic fields may be developed in the body. When these are developed in the body, the spiritual magnetic fields automatically attract magnetic fields of the body and provide spiritual energy. When this energy enters the body, it pushes out inactiveness and tension.

If we exercise regularly or perform yogic kriyas, these impurities in veins remain in check, and in these stages, only five-minute concentration is sufficient to develop the magnetic fields. The elderly can attain a sense of satisfaction, akin to a child, if they take time out for meditation daily. By doing so, we feel the God is with us.

Here’s the most effective and easy way of connecting with the power of God. Normally in the process of concentration towards the power of God, one is utilising the main power of the body — the power of the soul. This process is typical to getting started towards concentration. Though this process has been in practice from the ancient period, it is quite difficult and takes years of hard practice. An effective way is by utilising only one eye in the process of concentration. If anyone tries to concentrate, and keeping in mind the magnetic power fields of the body, focus on the point of the eye by which one wants to proceed towards a connection with God. In a few minutes, one can feel that the magnetism of the body gathers at one small point of the eye. When the full magnetic fields of the body are collected at one point of the eye, it becomes a power point. By using this power point, any efforts in this direction may be possible. When one tries to connect with the magnetic fields available in the atmosphere, this point starts to increase its power, using which we can reattach more powerful magnetic fields of the atmosphere and become more powerful.

This continuous process of attraction with the powerful magnetic fields of atmosphere develops spiritual magnetism and starts to attract the main power link with God. When the power of God is linked with the power point of a human body, it may easily be diverted to other power points of the body. When all senses of the body are connected with God power, the human body feels a high-level power. At this particular stage, the body attains a stage of calm and composure, which is the real essence of connecting with God.

The writer is a District Government Counsel (Civil), Unnao, UP




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