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Find the ultimate shelter

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Find the ultimate shelter

Peace lies in doing as God directs because only He knows the future, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

I will not be going into the details of what advantages one derives by surrendering to God. In this article, I will just focus on how to go about it in order that one succeeds. Not doing it properly frustrates only and discourages. Why should we get disheartened when there are multiple ways to take shelter of God? I will mention a few main ones. Everyone will agree that praying is the most common. Practically, everyone prays for something or the other, whether it is to ask for something or to request for help when in trouble. Lord Krishna commends such persons in the Bhagavad-Geeta though He considers those as the best, who seek God’s shelter because they are knowledgeable. (7.18)

The next and very popular way to take shelter of God is through meditation. I am not going into the details of multiple processes by which one can meditate on God. The third and again widely used process is by chanting. The most common is chanting mantras but many chant God’s names or just ‘om’. Then come worshipping God’s murtis and His photos. One does so either in public or private places or in both.

Studying scriptures is popular among those who are seekers of knowledge. Out of these, many write about spiritual topics, as I do. They also discuss God-related topics with like-minded persons and not only learn more about spirituality but also enjoy the experience. Those highly proficient in such knowledge even preach among masses and benefit countless persons. The ones who hear such discourses are also considered wise. Just like praying, remembering God is also quite common. Rather the mention of God in our talks is so natural that we don’t even notice it. Lastly, singing bhajans and listening to bhajans are two more ways to take shelter of God.

Now I will describe some of the types of relationships people establish with God. The most popular is treating God as a benefactor. “God give me this,” one prays to God. The next most sought after relationship is treating God as one’s master. “I take Your shelter; please look after me.” The third relationship is of God being a helper: “Please cure my child.” The fourth is treating God as a friend, as Arjuna did. The fifth is treating God as a teacher, who guides perfectly. However, one can have a mix of such relationships and generally that is the case for most of us, because our needs vary greatly.

Now the important question: what relationship/s suit us? I found out by experimenting. Like everyone else I began with praying for my various needs, mostly material. Many times my prayers were answered. In order to strengthen my bond with God, I began chanting. This went on for quite some time. The response from God became better. This encouraged me to study scriptures, especially the Bhagavad-Geeta. This led me to preach God’s messages because He is most pleased when someone engages in this activity. (18.68-69)

Surely, I had to write now on spiritual topics. This resulted in hundreds of articles and many books. My relationship with God was getting cemented quite nicely. Meanwhile, I had found a spiritually inclined person; we began to enjoy hours of discussions on spiritual topics. Singing bhajans, listing to them and remembering God became parts of my life. I had accepted God as my master long time back. Now came the final relationship of treating God as my teacher. This suited my nature because I need answers and some of them can only be provided by God because only He can know the future. Believe me, this has almost stopped me from speculating/ worrying which has given me so much pain over the years. Now I enquire from God and do what He directs me to do. Thanks to my Lord I am so peaceful now.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com 




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