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Knocking at the door to divinity

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Knocking at the door to divinity

In order to be in sync with the universe and the powerful energies guiding it, an individual needs to rise above his/her petty thoughts, says Yogi Ashwini

There is a student of mine who has been given certain intense sadhna and was experiencing the ‘subtler worlds’ at regular intervals. Suddenly, that stopped. I noticed that she had started using her intellect and had become egoistic. That explained the interruption. Yog begins where the intellect ends. So, I called her to the room where I do dhyan and made her sit in front of the asan where I sit for dhyan. Within fifteen minutes of simply staring at the asan, she started sweating profusely, lost control over herself and had an emotional outburst. It took her nearly two hours to normalize after that.

I sit on that asan for long hours every day, I do not expect normal people who try to understand everything intellectually to have an experience of that energy because the intellectual mind and brain do not understand energy; they do not have the experience of energy and hence they cannot relate to energy. I just made her experience, for a while, a higher dimension. Hence the reaction.

Yog is a subject of energy. A yogi relates to an individual not by his appearance, or colour of skin, or birth or intelligence, but by the energy of that person. Every individual is born with a specific energy pattern depending on the karmic balance of that individual. Guru upgrades that energy. It is not necessary that the intellectual mind will understand the process.

Every individual has his/her own energy and what makes one person different from the other is the frequency of that energy. There are grosser frequencies and subtler frequencies, and then there is the subtlest of the subtlest, sukshma iti sukshma which we call God.

The grosser the energy, the closer one is to the physical creation, the five senses and their related experiences and tries to assess everything with those senses. Such people are enamoured by physical power, high positions and socio-administrative structure of society. They are far away from the reality of creation because for them, that chair is real and their egos and minds do not let them access or experience subtler forces. At different spectrums of energy, one assesses things around them with logic and intellect. We must understand here that yoga begins where the intellect ends because intellect is the barrier between the real and the unreal. Assessing the guru using intellect is a foolish exercise and takes you away from the subject because if you could understand the guru with your intellect, you would have been a guru yourself.

At a yet different frequency of energy, the intuitive mind comes into play, where a person is able to look beyond what can be understood intellectually. The more intuitive you are, the higher the brain functions. Intuition is beyond logic and intellect. It is a higher state of mind which gets activated by the touch of guru. Finally, there is subtlest frequency, the realm of Divinity. People who fall in the same spectrum of energy relate to each other, and those in different spectra are unable to comprehend each other. It is for this reason only that even though God is in everywhere, He cannot be experienced by ordinary men because there is a difference in the frequency of energy. Forget divinity, such people cannot even fathom the force of guru. They take the guru to be another socio-economic position, a little lower than, for example, the chair of the president of the chamber of commerce.

In order to have an experience of yog and the energies that run this creation, one needs to merge with the frequency of that energy. Just like a radio set has to be tuned to the frequency of the channel you wish to listen to, your frequency, too, needs to be tuned to receive the shaktis, the devs and devis. Then, the experiences follow. The Guru has to be approached with humility keeping aside the power which the chair on which you sit commands, because this will end shortly. While the guru’s force has no upper limit for you provided you are able to connect with it and not compare it to a socio-administrative post. Just sitting in presence of the guru and ‘connecting’ will give you the desired experience. A guru is not to do antics on stage or speak big-big things, he is to channelise the force. The look of the guru and the silence which he exudes are enough. It’s important to connect with that silence and that look. Experiences of subtler world will happen. On the other hand, if one sits and waits to hear and see things which one understands intellectually, then definitely nothing will happen. That lady was just one example, there are many who despite having had experiences are unable to relate to energy because they try to understand it with the intellectual mind. It is not their fault, since their frequency is different and they are doing nothing to increase that frequency. Specific yogic sadhnas like Sanatan Kriya when performed in tandem with charity and service as prescribed by one’s Guru work to upgrade the frequency of an individual.

The writer is the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation




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