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Can goodness be taught?

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

Good and evil have always co-existed, like the two sides of a coin. They are the two faces of reality. But since ages, goodness has been the desired objective of all societies, the preferred state. Interestingly, practising goodness has always been difficult as evil somehow seems to prevail. This is...

The glory of chanting

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 | Dr Asha Goswami | in Agenda

The diverse names of Krishna were construed on account of his numerous forms as conceptualised in the Indian tradition, writes Dr Asha Goswami The fascinating aspect of Krishna’s personae is that he serves the only instance in the world history where a person ever acquired so vast number of names and...

Why speculate about future?

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

Aiming, planning, setting goals, hoping are fine but predetermining results is generally very painful, explains AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI Life can neither be all pleasures nor all miseries; it is a combination of both. They come and go. (Gita 2.14) However, when good times come, they lull us into thinking that they...

Breaking BRICS’ impasse on terror

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

CANCER CURE BY 2018: RESEARCHERS British scientists are in the process of developing an immune therapy based on blood cells from patients who have made “miracle” recoveries from cancer, a breakthrough that could lead to potential cure for millions. Early results from tests conducted in laboratory not only signal better treatment...

Astroturf : Continuum all through the run of time

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Carrying forward analysis of the horary chart taken up for consideration in the previous issue, let us now track down its implication in future terms. Study revealed that the said horary chart did not simply offer an answer to the query raised, it also very clearly signalled likelihood of other...

Look after your men well

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

Management theorists have been groping on one critical issue of managing “men” effectively even today, some twelve decades after the first Management Degree was rolled out at Amos Tuck University of United States of America. In fact, it is management of men that effective management is all about. Therefore, the...

Faith in God explains

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

When we understand our existence in relation to that of God’s, we start feeling secure, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI When I speak of faith, I don’t mean a conceptual knowledge of God or cursory acquaintance with Him by doing occasional or even regular rituals. Faith in God means that we believe...

Briefly Speaking

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 | Pioneer | in Agenda

How parents’ lifestyle affects us Are you in the habit of smoking and drinking in front of your kids? Beware of it, as your kids may be passed on the same habits when they grow older. Children get strongly affected by such lifestyles and habits, reveals a new finding. The study...

Astroturf | The precision of Horary Astrology

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Picking up threads from the previous issue, be it known that eclipses throw light on future happenings in mundane matters — polity trends, and other happenings affecting common masses. In this respect, astrological charts drawn with reference to the capital city of the country/state during eclipse time serve as the...

Shades of untruth

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 | Sant Rajinder Singh | in Agenda

The purpose behind hiding the truth from others and even the self has to do with one’s self-image and reveals our demons, says SANT RAJINDER SINGH Failures in truthfulness can be broken down into the categories of falsehood, deceit, hypocrisy, and illegal gain. Some failures under these headings are quite obvious,...



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State lags behind in education status, reveals ASER report

17 Jan 2018 | PRAGYA PALLAVI | Ranchi

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER-2017) released on Tuesday covering 28 districts of 24 States on ‘Beyond Basics’- A survey of rural India youths, presented a gloomy picture of Jharkhand on a few basic parameters in comparison with the districts of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The survey based on 4 As (Activity, Ability, Awareness, Aspirations) covering the age group 14-18 years, Jharkhand lags behind in enrollment status, digital use,...

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