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21 Jul 2017 - 29 Jul 2017
Weekly Tarot Forecast


March 21 - April 19

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 324
You are active with lots of friends and group association. Mood is a bit relaxed and you want to have fun. You feel youthful, creative and inspired at this time. There is creative energy trying to burst forth into your consciousness. You might get good offers today. At work, you have been at your best when it comes to attending business meetings or signing deals. Your colleagues and boss have been very appreciative this past week. Keep up the good work and don’t let it go to your head. There could be good news of marriage, engagement, or birth of a child in the family. Your intuition works well. If you are single, keep pursuing the suitor as things are beginning to look up for you. You may have a full blown love life very soon.
Lucky number 17
Lucky colour Peach
Lucky day Thursday


April 20 - May 20

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 325
If you have been delaying those health tests, it is not good. It is high time that you undergo a medical check-up to keep a track of your health. Follow a fitness routine and buy that fitness gear you have been eyeing for so long. The energy you put into your work will allow you to experience many irritants today, and that is not good. Your dreams are high and you are working hard to realise them. Small hurdles and obstacles are likely in the project you are handling. Stay cool and positive, that will add life to your work and you find it easier to get the work done. Any hype and haste could put you in conflict situations and the quality of your work may get affected. In relationships, you might incur some friction this week. Be careful.
Lucky number 8
Lucky colour Pink
Lucky day Saturday


May 21 - June 20

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 324
You health will be very positive this week as you have been working hard towards it. Keep up the good work as it is already showing on your face and stature. It is important to be recognised and feel appreciated for your work. Relationships and financial matters should be the main focus. Expenses increase and so will your worries. Financial planning on how to save more is on the cards. You believe in ‘money saved is money earned’. On the love front, you have been doubting your partner too much recently. Possessiveness in relationships is not good. Once jealousy enters your system, the relationship only goes downhill. Allow 
your heart to settle the things. Your big heart will bring you love and harmony in your personal relationships. Let go of your control issues.
Lucky number 20
Lucky colour Brown
Lucky day Tuesday


June 21 - July 22

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 325
This week is not that great for your health. You feel totally drained and sapped of energy. If you are a woman, you maybe having some hormonal issues. It’s always good to consult a doctor. So do not delay it too much and go visit one. At work, communication will be top priority and you will be asked to articulate your inspirational ideas. Whatever the situation, you would come out with a conventional and farsighted approach to life. Financial status is sound and you feel confident. If you are looking forward for change in your job/residence, you may not get success at this time. On the love front, you may be thinking of proposing to someone this week. Go for it! Marriage is on the cards for those who are single.
Lucky number 28
Lucky colour Magenta
Lucky day Friday


July 23 - Aug 22

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 324
You have a very lazy week ahead of you. Try to gain some energy and confidence and do not procrastinate your work anymore. You are in the process of enhancing your career. You are very vocal today. Today’s energy is put to get your work done by your communication skills. Businessmen with their delirious talk and good will in the market work wonderfully. Salespersons will find it easy to convince customers. You possess good charm and a strong attraction for the opposite sex and could win the situation by the magic of your words. Those who are in a relationship have a blissful time this week. Make an 
effort to spend some quality time with your partner which is much awaited by him or her. He/she has been complaining of feeling neglected for some time now. 
It’s time to pay them some attention.
Lucky number 13
Lucky colour Black
Lucky day Sunday


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 325
You may have been feeling stuck or restricted in life. Stagnant energies are present. Try to get out of the rut or take a vacation. It is time to get out of this limbo and get active. Try to engage yourself in some exercise. Guard against taking on too much responsibility; your hard work will be your strength. Reasoning and logical powers are at the best, and witty Virgos find it difficult to deal with people around them — personal or professional. Your IQ level does not match with the spouse, or the authority you work with. It’s worthwhile to take legal and financial advice from an expert at this time. Try to take some good advice from someone else before you make any legal or financial decisions. That person may help you in seeing a different picture altogether.
Lucky number 26
Lucky colour Purple
Lucky day Thursday


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 323
Your feeling of well-being and good health should be in high spirits. This is a good time to take some time off from your work and go on a vacation. Quality family time is on the cards. Your interests will be opposed by other people, and this may create restrictions to what you want to achieve. Take back your power and realise that you have options whether others oppose you or not. You do not have to be constrained by their way of thinking or their rules. However, in personal matters you need to give time and space to your partner for better understanding. Lack of communication is seen in your cards and it may lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Try to avoid the misunderstanding by talking out your heart with your spouse.
Lucky number 2
Lucky colour White
Lucky day Monday


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 323
It is time to engage in some introspection by the means of meditation or self-talk. Moderation is must and silence is fundamental for nourishing your mind and thereby balancing mental energy. When it comes to work, you have been slacking this past week. If you do not improve soon you will find your bosses giving you an earful. You may find that increased responsibilities are interfering with your social life, and you’ll wonder if your friends have forgotten you. You may have to take out a middle way, and set a routine in such a fashion that you take out adequate time for loved ones too. Some quality family/spouse time is required in your routine to balance out any negative aspects you maybe facing. If you have children, try to communicate clearly with them as they may be feeling a bit neglected for some time now. A day out will do you all some good.
Lucky number 24
Lucky colour Red
Lucky day Saturday


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 323
This is a week of new initiatives. Begin a new project that allows you to use your intellect and communication skills. Increase your mental abilities by reading, writing, and watching educational programmes. Your creativity will be high and you could be the cynosure of others’ eyes. Your enemies may try to disturb you in your concentration. People accept you as you are and listen to you. Meetings, contacts, collaborations shall yield fruitful results. Your intellect, wisdom and organising capabilities and generosity will enable you to take the best of your partners and subordinates. End of the week, you feel rich — both financially and mentally. There are good gains and growth in business. Some benefits from ancestral property are also indicated. There is a need to have a cordial talk with your parents or seniors.
Lucky number 13
Lucky colour Yellow
Lucky day Friday


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 324
You may be feeling great this past month as one of your relationships has been doing very well. Success on all levels could make you happy. You are cheerful and balanced. Your office may plan for a foreign visit and find success in visa, passport etc work, if you have already planned out your vacations. You make progress but be sure to take along your family members with you and share your plans with them. You may be acknowledged for your efforts by your family as you try to balance your work along with familial matters. You may have been recently married or remarried. You are still in that glorious world and don’t want to come out of it. Well, enjoy it while it lasts but be prepared to face the reality very soon too!
Lucky number 18
Lucky colour Golden
Lucky day Wednesday


Jan 20 - Feb 18

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 323
If you have been planning for some self-improvement, this is the right time to do so. Try to gain some help from a friend or colleague. Sometimes confiding in others also boosts one’s confidence. At work, you may have recently been given a very big project which has you feeling overburdened. Have patience and finish the job as the rewards are great. You will get a lot of appreciation from your boss at the end of it. It will be totally worth it. An old friend of childhood days may meet you, making you nostalgic today. An old flame might also come back into your life and ignite your passion. This is a good day to revive your memories. Some of you may make a plan to go to your hometown, if you stay away. Ancestral property and its benefits are likely. There could be an engagement, marriage, or construction of a house.
Lucky number 25
Lucky colour Silver
Lucky day Thursday


Feb 19 - March 20

Friday, 21 Jul 2017 - Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 | MADHU KOTIYA | Hits : 323
You maybe feeling a lot of fatigue, sleeplessness and restlessness in general. You really could use a break. Try to take some time off from work. You are probably trying to take on too much responsibilities. Take a step back and calm down. Narrow down your focus and see what feels right for you. You feel free to start a new inning of your life. Ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important is on the cards. You must close one door in order to open another and put the past behind you and should be ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. Change is in the air. Singles will meet someone this week. Those who are in a relationship, their relationship will deepen and form a greater bond.
Lucky number 22
Lucky colour Sky blue
Lucky day Friday



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