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Gauri’s murderers will be caught soon: Karnataka Home Minister

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Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy has said  that murderers of journalist turned activist Gauri Lankesh will be caught soon as the investigators need little more time on gathering evidence.

In a meet the press programme organised by the Bengaluru Press Club and Bengaluru Reporters Guild on Saturday Ramalinga Reddy said the names of the perpetrators will be revealed in a matter of weeks. He said “there is no deadline for the completion of the probe, but it is only matter of weeks now. Unlike murderers of Dabolkar and Pansare (who were murdered in Maharashtra) where the probe has stretched on, here our SIT has definite clues and knows the identities of those who killed Gauri Lankesh”. The process of evidence collection is on’, he added.

Gauri Lankesh, an editor of a tabloid who turned an activist was brutally gunned down in front of her house on September 5, which has evoked widespread protests across the country. Gauri who used to be a strong critic of right wing hindutva politics has been under attack and had received threats. The sympathetic ruling Congress Government formed a special task force to probe the murder which so far has not yielded any results.

The Siddaramaiah Government  has come under severe criticism by the BJP for failure of catching the culprits and it has become a major political row. In poll-bound Karnataka, this has become a major issue and both the parties are trying to take mileage out of it. Even though Home Minister has made this announcement many times in the past, the SIT so far has not found any evidence but only released a stretched picture of one of the culprits on a bike.

According to sources, the members of SIT have been asked to go back to their departments and would be called if they are required in the investigation.

Ramalinga Reddy also accused the Centre for misusing central agencies like CBI and IT departments.

“This is what happens when there is an autocratic Government in the country where all the power is vested in one person. All agencies are being misused on a large scale, something that was not seen in the previous UPA Government,” said Reddy. He added that senior police officials were asked to present a report on  water resources Minister MB Patil’s allegation of telephone tapping. 




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