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Gadkari likens Sonia’s 2019 dream to Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne

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Dismissing as “Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne” former Congress president Sonia Gandhi opinion that the BJP’s Acche Din would turn into “Shining India” and bring her party to power in the 2019 polls as it happened in 2004, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday expressed confidence that the people would return the BJP into power in the next general elections.

A day after Gandhi tore into the ruling BJP and expressed optimism of the Congress coming to power in the 2019 polls, Gadkari sought to puncture the principal opposition’s hope of defeating his party by saying: “I am confident that the people will re-elect us in 2019 polls and we will be back in the government. If the Congress is thinking that it will come to power in 2019, it is like “Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne”.

Responding to Gandhi’s views on the BJP’s promise of “Achhe Din at  “India Today conclave-2018” here, Gadkari said: “Being in the Opposition, it is but natural for her say things she has said. In the recent elections in north-east which it ruled earlier, the Congress was routed.  The congress is losing state after state from its grip. We are winning and we have reached the north-east. We will perform well in Kerala and West Bengal as well.

“What Congress did not do in 50 years, we have done in the last four years. The people are experiencing the work done by us. One thing is: yes we cannot fulfil all the aspirations of the people in five years. But we have fulfilled the aspirations of people to a large extent,” he said

Contesting the perception that Prime Modi “does not take along his party’s allies and his own ministers with him”, Gadkari said: “You are doing injustice to Modiji. There have been many occasions when I have disagreed with him. On one occasion he asked some other ministers concerned to listen to my point of view which they did. After that Modiji immediately took a decision.. It is tragedy that the perception about Modi is not correct".

“It appears we have some weakness that we have not been able to handle issues like image vs reality and ground reality vs perception. Confusion and misconceptions are created immediately about us,” he said.

Queried if the Modi government was a one-man show, Gadkari said: “Not at all. The Modi government cannot be a one-man show. Ours is not a family party. We are a democratic party. Ours was never a party of AB Vajpayee or Advani. Nor is it a party of  Nitin Gadkari or an Amit Shah or even Modi. It has always been a party of lakhs of workers dedicated themselves to rebuilding of the country”. 

On the BJP’s “Achhe Din, Gadkari said: “Please do not misinterpret me. Achhe is a relative word. It means to many things to many people. People who lack something, getting more than they have which think is Achhe Din. Achhe din is a belief. If believe it it is there.  The meaning of Achhe din for us is to provide “Roti, Kapda waur Makan  for people. We have done good bit of work on all these fronts... Only thing I must admit here that we need to concentrate more on agriculture and rural sector”..




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