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Our son has been falsely implicated: Accused’s parents

| | Gurugram | in Sunday Pioneer

In the brutal case of the seven-year-old student, the parents and the entire village of accused Ashok Kumar do not believe that the later could commit such a ghastly crime. They allege that it is a conspiracy where the latter has been framed.

“Ashok was framed in the entire case and he is not involved in the murder. Ashok is a very simple fellow and he had never killed a fly in the past. There was no case against him even of eve teasing. He is also a father of two sons how can he do this heinous crime,” Ashok’s neighbour, Ravinder Kumar, said.

"Dinesh one of the another employee of the school and a resident of the same village came to our house on Friday evening around 4 pm and asked for Ashok clothes and his voter ID card at that time we didn't know what had happened to him. Dinesh also didn't tell us anything about the crime to us," Ashok's father, Ami Chand said.

Meanwhile, wife of the accused Ashok Kumar alleged that he was being framed by the school management to protect someone who was powerful and rich. "We are poor people and have no support and this is the reason that he has been made a scapegoat", she alleged.

"My son didn't do anything although he has accepted the crime in the police pressure. He helped the victim boy soon after the crime. He is innocent," Ashok's mother, Kalawati, said.

Ashok resides with his parents, wife two sons aged 5 and 7 in the Ghamroj village. Along with Ashok his wife and father work in the different school as Class IV employees.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people took part in the Pradyuman's last rite.


Minister of PWD, Rao Narbir Singh and Local MLA, Umesh Aggarwal condoled the victim's family and said they are with the victim family. Some relatives also urged them for CBI enquiry into the case. 




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