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Call to reject Opp bid to oust CJI timely, not hasty: V-P

| | New Delhi
Call to reject Opp bid to oust CJI timely, not hasty: V-P

Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday hit back at his detractors, saying the decision to reject the Opposition’s motion to impeach the Chief Justice of India (CJI) was “timely and not hasty”. Speaking to a group of lawyers of the Supreme Court, Naidu is learned to have said, “Some hon’ble members of the House had a point of view and the right to express it while I had a responsibility cast on me. I have done my job and am satisfied with it”.

“Freedom of expression allows that but ultimately truth prevails. I have done the just thing in the best possible manner expected of me,” a source quoted Naidu as saying on his decision having been termed by some as “hasty”.

As per the Judges (Inquiry) Act, 1968, if the motion for removal is admitted by Chairman/Speaker, a three-member committee is to be appointed to probe the charges. In the present case, Naidu rejected Opposition’s motion to impeach the CJI so there would be no need for a probe committee.

Naidu said his decision was in strict conformity with the provisions of the Constitution and the Judges (Inquiry) Act of 1968.

“I have done my job and am satisfied with it... It (decision) was timely and not a hasty one,” Naidu told the lawyers.

Naidu, however, told the lawyers that his decision did not warrant any compliment as he only did what was expected of him and in the manner the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is expected to conduct in such matters.

Speaking to the lawyers, Naidu is believed to have said that he has been working on “provisions, procedures and precedents in the matter” for over a month following media reports about a possible impeachment bid.

He further said the Section 3 of the Judges (Inquiry) Act, requires that the Rajya Sabha Chairman should look for prima facie charges in the matter for either admitting the notice or refusing to do so.

Sources further said Naidu emphasised that the constitutional functionaries should act in time as otherwise there could be adverse consequences.



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