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Modi tea stall brews flavour of success

Friday, 31 January 2014 | Nayan Dave | GANDHINAGAR

Brand Modi has clearly helped to change fortunes and turn a small-time business venture into a success story. Associating Modi’s name has literally added a new flavour to the life of a young man who had hitherto found it difficult to make ends meet.

Taking a cue from the Gujarat Chief Minister’s tea-seller background, an unemployed youth in Kutch district named his new venture the ‘Modi Tea Stall’. In just a couple of days, the Modi effect was clearly evident, turning his newly started business into a big hit.

25-year old Mavji Ahir, a resident of Ratnal, a small village in bordering Kutch district was not able to earn adequately to run his family with the limited income that he earned working on daily wages in some retail shops. One of his friends advised him to become an entrepreneur, rather than living at the mercy of others.

As Gujarat’s Minister of State for Food and Civil Supply, Vasan Ahir hailed from the same village and also belonged to the same community, Mavji went to him to seek help. The Minister advised him to set up a tea stall and name it after Modi. He also offered Mavji a small space on the Anjar-Bhuj Highway.

Within a week of the ‘Modi Tea Stall’ starting on the highway, Mavji’s business became a big hit. Instantly, Mavji and his tea stall became famous not only in Ratnal, but also in the 10-15 villages in Anjar. Even people passing through the highway made it a point to stop by for  a cup of tea at his stall, out of curiosity. A cup of tea cost Rs 5 here.

On the inaugural day of his venture, Mavji offered free tea to all his customers. According to him, since he has associated Narendra Modi’s name, he would have to give the best quality tea. “In fact, quality became the USP for the success of his tea stall,” says Trikam Ahir, son of Vasan Ahir.

“I was almost unemployed and not able to earn even Rs 5,000 per month. But with the success of my tea stall, I am able to sell more than 300 cups of tea every day, which helps to generate a net profit of over Rs 2,000 per day,”  says the  entrepreneur, adding that he would like to rise high in life like Modi and wishes to open a luxury hotel in future.

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