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Spurned JNU student hacks girl, kills self

| | New Delhi
Spurned JNU student hacks girl, kills self

In a shocking and gruesome incident, a Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student attacked his classmate with an axe inside a classroom in the School of Languages, before killing himself.

The incident occurred in the Korean Language Department of the university on Wednesday. Prima facie, it appears to be a case of infatuation and unrequited love on the part of the young man.

According to police, around two months ago, Akash Kumar, 23, had proposed marriage to Roshni Kumari Gupta, 22, but she turned him down. Unable to take the rejection he decided to kill her.The incident took place around 11.15 am, between lectures. Akash asked Roshni to come out of the class and when she refused, they both had a heated argument and then he attacked her.It appears that Akash had come fully prepared to kill her as he had an axe, a country made pistol, a bottle of poison and a kitchen knife with him.

He hit her on the head many times with the axe. When Roshni tried to ward off the blows with her hand her thumb got chopped off. Ten students were present inside the class when the attack took place, however, they could not help Roshni as Akash threatened them with the country made pistol, when they tried to intervene. He told the students that he would kill them and himself if they came anywhere near him.

After Roshni collapsed Akash placed the pistol to his temple and tried to kill himself, but as the pistol did not go off, Akash consumed poison and then slit his own throat with a kitchen knife. He was rushed to AIIMS where he breathed his last. According to sources, the autopsy conducted on Akash revealed that he died due to the poison he had consumed as the cut he inflicted on himself was superficial.

Roshni was rushed to AIIMS first and then to Safdarjung Hospital, where she is battling for her life. Two brain surgeries were conducted upon her and her condition is stated to be critical.Police have recovered a two-page note from Akash’s pocket in which he mentioned that after joining the college two-years-ago, they became close friends and used to spend quality time with each other. The note said that Akash used to help Roshni with her studies.

“Akash claimed that Roshni had used him initially and then had started avoiding him two months ago. She even taunted him in front of their classmates,” police sources said, adding the investigation also revealed that one-and-a-half-years ago, the victim had lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Akash with the Gender Sensitization Department of JNU. However, following the intervention of their classmates, she withdrew her complaint.

The boy, who hails from Madarpur village, Gaya, in Bihar, used to live in room no. 131 at the Jhelum Hostel.The girl used to live in room no. 202 at the Shipra Hostel. She belongs to Muzaffarpur district in Bihar. Her elder sister is pursuing a course in Geography at the university.The students who were present in the classroom at the time of the incident recounted the horror.

“Akash had placed the knife near his throat and was holding a bottle of poison in his other hand. Roshni was on the floor in a pool of blood. He did not look in the right frame of mind and when asked to surrender he said he would commit suicide,” said Abhishek, a Ph.D student in Hindi Literature.The security officer of the building informed the police and both of them were immediately rushed to AIIMS, where the girl was refused admission. Cornered over the refusal to admit the badly injured girl, the AIIMS administration said they had just referred the girl to another hospital.

Kamal Mitra Chinoy, executive member of the JNU Teachers Association said: “Akash was attracted to her but Roshni did not reciprocate his feelings. The girl is critical and we want her to get best medical treatment and survive.”Chinoy also said the incident raised questions over the security arrangement on the campus because how could one sneak a pistol and an axe into the classroom?



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