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Various genres of books on show at Hindi Bhavan Monday onwards

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Various genres of books on show at Hindi Bhavan Monday onwards

Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday blamed the Government school education in Jammu & Kashmir for imparting disinformation among children. He also blamed canard spread by madrasas and masjids for the radicalisation of the youth.

Stressing the need for revamp of school education in the State, he said there has to be “some control” on the wrong information campaign by madrasas. The Army chief also expressed concern over campaign against security forces and the country on the social media in the State.

Making these observations during the annual Press conference here ahead of the Army Day on January 15, Rawat cited examples of education imparted in schools and said the teachers responsible for it are also influenced by wrong impression.

“The grassroots problem is here. The way the education system in Jammu & Kashmir in Government schools has been corrupted. Because the teachers, who teach here, are also brought up in the same system. A major revamp is required. The education system has to be changed,” he said.

Giving an example, Rawat said many Government schools in Kashmir have two maps including one of India and the other of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. “The children studying there feel I am part of India but also I am different,” Rawat said. Calling for overhaul of education in the State-run schools there, he said the Army is running goodwill schools to integrate children into mainstream and highlighted the need for opening more schools covered by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Admitting that radicalisation of the youth was a matter of concern, he said madrasas and masjids were spreading

In order to meet this challenge, “some control has to be exercised,” he said.

As regards security situation in the State, the Army chief cautioned “terrorism is not over” despite intense anti-militancy operations. The focus last year was on restoring semblance of normalcy in South Kashmir in the wake of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani. Large-scale protests broke out after his killing and continued for more than five months, he said.

This year, the Army will launch operations in some districts of North Kashmir including Pattan, Kupwara and Sopore. Terrorists try to infiltrate from mountain passes in snow bound North Kashmir and then sneak into South Kashmir to carry out strikes. “We will tackle infiltration in this region,” Rawat said.

Explaining the difficulties faced in conducting operations in South Kashmir, the Army chief said all the four districts of this region are urbanised. Claiming that the Army lays stress on human rights, he said rules of engagement while tackling terrorists in such thickly populated areas are strictly followed.  Giving an example, he said “if a terrorist is hiding in a house he will either lie low. If he panics, then the militant opens fire thereby inflicting casualties on the security forces as initiative rests with him in such situations.”



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