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Watch out

Artist Biswajit Das in his painting exhibition, The Indian Circus, tries to explore and present the dichotomies with his stoic observation, unique artistry and satirical story telling. The beauty of his art work is that it is bereft of any particular belief or practice as such; rather, he is trying to put himself and such like-minded others in front of a soul-searching mirror. What we would see in that mirror is a question only we can answer for ourselves. From lingual hatred to communal riots, from ugly hopes to unspoken hatred, from fragile peace to fabricated wars, from darker beliefs to brighter shames— the artist has captured our society and its dualities vividly and empathetically in his artworks

When:  April 21 to 26

Where:  AIFACS, Rafi Marg

Art is the freedom of living in the moment of creation. It is an individual journey that one has to embark but just as a child is taught to walk, speak and eat for the journey called life; Del.Art prepares art aspirants for their creative journey in the field of arts. The Del. Art exhibition revolves  around two themes — nature having the power to heal or destroy and femininity in social, cultural, political as well as emotional context. The students come from varied walks of life, from six-year-old to 60 years painting landscapes of their dreams. One of the paintings includes the effects of globalisation on earth and how everything is going to collapse eventually because of our insensitivity towards nature by Aradhita Jain.

When: April 21 and 22

Where: Artizen Art Gallery, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

A three day festival Bhakti Sangeet is a celebration of plurality of India's rich and diverse devotional music. The audience will enjoy performances by some of the legendary classical artists from the industry like Pooja Gaitonde, Ajoy Chakraborty, Sudha Raghuraman, Nooran Sisters and Madan Gopal. The programmes range from popular traditional kalaams, sufi music from Assam, popular bhajans by Hari Haran, Abhang tradition from Maharashtra, Kabir Vaani by Kalapini Komkali and sagun bhakti of Meera and Surdas.

When: April 20 to April 22

Where: Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri

time: 6:30 pm onwards

Paying homage to the undying spirit of Stephen Hawking, the genius who recently passed away, the Subrung Theatre Group is staging show — Har Guruvaar, a Hindi play inspired by Mitch Album's best selling world classic: Tuesdays with Morrie. This play tells the story of a man, Professor Sapre, who is dying because of Motor Neuron Disease, which only a few days ago took the life Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists. But that's not the only thing they have in common. Like Hawking, Sapre refuses to let impending death bog him down. Prof Sapre likes Hawking because he lived his life to the fullest in spite of suffering from Motor Neuron Disease.

When:  April 20

Where: Shri Ram Centre

time: 7:30 pm onwards

Landscape is a combined exhibition of paintings by Aruna Vasudev and black and white photographs by Achal Kumar. Following their introduction by a mutual friend years ago, a discussion ensued regarding their shared inspiration from landscape and nature. Predominately monochromatic, their personal artistic expressions revealed verisimilitude and mutual appreciation for their distinctly diverse modes of creative endeavour. The exhibition is presented by Art Konsult.

“My current works is based on landscape paintings, In Japanese it is called Sumi-e, it’s equally well-known in east Asian countries though from China, Japan and Korea, Vietnam,” says Aruna Vasudev.

When: April 18 to 24

Where: Open Palm Court, Indian Habitat Centre



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Quake measuring 3.7 on Richter scale felt in south Gujarat

22 Apr 2018 | PTI | Ahmedabad

A mild tremor measuring 3.7 on the Richter scale was felt in parts of south Gujarat, including Bharuch and Surat districts, though no damage was reported, officials said...

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State police athletics meet kicks off

27 Apr 2018 | PNS | Haridwar

Uttarakhand State police district/ BN athletics meet 2018 kicked off on Thursday following its inauguration by the State Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik. Speaking to The Pioneer, the commandant of 40 battalion of the PAC Haridwar RL Sharma said that the main events which were held on Thursday included 200, 800 and 1500 metres race, long jump, discus throw, hurdle race and pole vault...

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