A culinary storytelling

A culinary storytelling

Mayank Tiwari talks about the game-changers in the menu that will take this year by storm

The food and drinks last year were magical with rainbow coloured food shots, and edible glitter dusted food, induced with easy to hold burgers, munching popcorns or crunchy nachos and inky desserts to detoxifying drinks and breads. Yet cleansing and low in cholesterol.

It’s the season’s mood that kicks one to have palatable food — with fizzy drinks and easy rolls. Last year created a dramatic shift in the chef’s mindset, starting a trend of infusing indigenous ingredients. Also, the growing consciousness towards healthy diet has become more evident. Thus, a focus shift on the chef’s dishing out menus with more greens.

This year, we will be concentrating on culinary storytelling as more restaurants are reviving the old world culture of organic food in order to procure pure ingredients and eat pure. In terms of food, convenience food continue to trend followed by workouts along with vegan food options. The promotion on values of eating smart based on food tricks will triumph as we move further into the year.

Looks like switching to healthier options is the New Year resolution for many. The indulgence of eating and dining out for celebrations will see a rise along with an addition of smaller quantities of foods and specialised micro-green salads. A strong shift on a healthier menu will be more trending with vegan, gluten free, organic other than usual carb-loaded menus. Especially, in a country, where diabetes is rampant; the chefs are looking out to have a complete make-over of the menu.

Food trends like — zero wastage, abundant use of seaweed, healthy smoothies and vegan ice creams have been the talk of the town for long but with the vegan headcounts increasing, they are now gaining more visibility on your dinner tables. 

The culinary experiments of the West have now slowly started to have an impact on the local community, making  vegetables more interesting. But this will be challenged by the traditional Indian cuisines. The menus will see an overload of High teas, cuisines from Japan and Spain, along with a massive presence of wine.

A return to the roots is witnessing an upsurge as it is all about authentic native cuisines. Due attention is being given to the native food culture, and the inclusion of Meghalayan cuisine should not take you by surprise when you look at the à la carte.

With the youth looking for more experimental cuisines, Middle Eastern appetisers such as hummus and shawarma with distinct palate tastes are creating a buzz. Steady innovations like spicy lamb, seafood, masala chicken pizzas are adding on to spiced yet complex dish menus. This year will be about specialised cuisines such as Japanese, Cantonese, Syrian, Moroccan, Persian, Israeli and Lebanese in the menu pages. 

Also, an alternative vegan food is majorly preferred in a country like ours. Hence, people will surely enjoy as new vegan inventions will prevail — from plant based Sushi to foods rich in tomatoes and many more strategically planned food dominated with greens. Mushrooms are going to top them all in your palates along with Panatone shade food that are red cabbage, red onions, eggplant, purple sweet corns, purple sweet potatoes, plums, purple cauliflower, acai and figs, as these are associated with lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer and  anti-viral properties. Also they are high in antioxidants with high nutrient density.

Treating breakfast as a big meal, waffles, pancakes, healthy salads, cheesy pastas, juices, detox water and mouthwatering smoothies are becoming a must. With a change in the consumer attitude, the restaurants are reframing the breakfast menus to bring out more picky chefs preparations. From waffle sticks to sandwiches and more variations will be managed to hitch the tantalising appetite.

Beverage trends are looking towards fruity and fizzy with a great deal of mixology. From turmeric shots to cold pressed juices, sparkling coffee and more water based drinks will have artistic tonics to be served. The growing beer cafes and breweries influenced by west will be more influential. The homemade syrups and shrubs will be a big surprise in this year.

Apart from the subject of food,  drinks are also an inevitable part of a complete food. Marked to be happy high, the drink trends are popularising in the restaurant with wines from old world and new world along with unheard classic cocktails.

Lengthways with healthy food, savoury desserts will be incorporated to your dessert offering this year. With new inventions, a look out of bread in ice cream and cauliflower in chocolate mousse are getting ready to complete your meals as sweet is necessary after every count of meal.

2018 is full of food treats and surprises you can look forward to. It’s time to welcome the new food charts along with breathtaking beverages.

(The author is the executive chef, PVR The Luxury Collection)



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