A true companion

A true companion

Celebrating human artistry and craft, Paperblank launched writing journals honouring the beauty of artistic creation by paying royalty to every artist whose work has been used in the cover . By Ankita jain

What would it take to get people in a digital age to write again? Apart from a good pen, an attractive, old wordly, manuscript style book perhaps. Feeding on this nostalgia and seizing on the existing Indian tradition of scroll writing, Sukriti Jiwarajka  has brought out a range of notebooks. Her range includes journals, day planners, address books and guest books in three sizes. A part of the sales is given as royalty prices to the artists whose work has been used on the cover.

“India is a country of art and culture. The inspiration required for our products has been diversely fulfilled here. We as a brand believe in eco-friendly products with artistic touch. The notebooks are either Smyth sewn with minimal glue or hand stitched which makes the book open as flat as possible and the pages never fall out”, said Sukriti. The writing paper is sourced 100% from sustainable forests and is uncoated with no added veneer and the covers are from recycled binder boards. Keeping the journals handy, the designers teamed up for accordion-style memento pouches which is also the signature feature to serve the purpose of storing paper ephemera and other items that can easily be tucked away. But the feature that grabs the attention the most is the closures of the notebooks involving an ornate metal clasp, magnetic wrap or a strap. Clasp closure is an old world charm with a modern flair and the other varieties already being offered in the market.

While grabbing this piece of art, one would eagerly want to know the whereabouts of the design. To answer this query of any passionate writer, Sukriti has come up with the artisan history or rather the inspirational story at the back of each journal. The handmade paper company has launched its products with 50 designs from French textile to Persian Safavid binding art, from Japanese lacquer box patterns to the traditional embroidery from Gujarat as well as the manuscript of Mahatma Gandhi. Time to get inspired.



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