Anything can happen in Riverdale


Lili Reinhart speaks of murder, mystery, ‘Beronica’ and the tattoo she shares with her  onscreen mother as Season 1 of her popular TV series comes to an end

There are rumors that the Bughead romance may not last, since there could be a twist to the love triangle appearing towards the end of the season. What can you reveal about that?

It’s like a love square, pentagon, octagon… But that’s all I’ll say. One of the great things about Betty and Jughead’s dynamic is that it’s pushed the murder/mystery storyline forward.

Are these two characters the detective agency of the show?

Ha! I agree.

What’s the next step they take in their investigation into Jason’s murder? And what can fans expect in the lead-up to the revelation of the murderer?

They use their classmates as a resource. Archie gets close and wrapped up with the Blossoms, so Betty and Jughead are like, “Okay, do some sleuthing for us. Get in there and get information.” They start to use some outside resources.

In a recent episode, there was a scene that featured the iconic costumes of old-school Archie – and the fans went wild! How much fun was it to shoot the retro scene?

We filmed that scene at the end of a very long day and we had very limited time to film it. We filmed it separately but to see ourselves as the Stepford Wives was fun. We’d love to do that again. We’d love to do more flashbacks. Let’s hope more of that happens in season two.

What has it been like filming with Camila Mendes, who plays Betty’s new friend Veronica?

We are so happy that we get to tackle these characters together. There’s no Betty without Veronica and there’s no Lili without Cami. We really care about each other and are good friends in real life. So I think that helps translate to our B&V duo and the chemistry that we have. We can’t play our characters well without having each other.

The two female characters shared a kiss in the pilot. Will we ever see a day where Betty and Veronica are more than friends?

As far as it goes romantically, we don’t write the show — but we understand the passion that the ‘Beronica’ shippers have. Who knows? Anything can happen in Riverdale.

Let’s talk about your on-screen mother. What was it like when you first met Mädchen Amick, the actress who plays Alice Cooper?

When I first met Mädchen, we discovered that we have matching tattoos by the same artist in the same spot on our bodies. I guess it was in the stars! I’ve learned so much from her, and from everyone on set. Mädchen is a big role model for me and I’m happy that she’s my on-screen mama.

Riverdale is watched by a very broad audience, including many teens and young adults. How does it feel to influence the younger generation and what message do you hope they take from the show?

My big thing with Betty, which I think is very important, is showing the pressure that we’re under as young people of the world. The message I’d like people to take away from the show is that it’s okay to crack and to break, and that people will still love you and accept you. We need to accept our mental health and acknowledge it. We should not be ashamed of it. We need to tackle that problem.

Would you like to see Betty’s issues covered in Season 2 of the show?

Well, it looks like we are going to dive into Betty’s mental health issues, which I’m excited about. That’s going to be explored a lot more in the next season. That’s what we’re planning on, which will be cool.

What other information have the show’s writers revealed to you about season two? What else can fans expect from Betty and the rest of the Riverdale characters? Spill some beans for us!

We have just started talking about it, so I can’t say much. What I can say is that there is going to be a new mystery involved. You can see it emerging from the finale of season one itself.

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