Celebration of theatre

Celebration of theatre

Acting in itself is a difficult art. Once the curtain is up, the artist is on his own and has no other opportunity for re-takes, says Paresh Rawal

An artist who creatively holds the tags of an  actor, thespian and now a politician under his belt, discuss about the notable relevance of theatre. Though the actor wasn’t well aware of the Theatre Olympics but believes that it’s a great platform to showcase the art of different nationalities coming from different theatre artists. Being a part of the play Kishan v/s Kanhaiya, Rawal stressed on the relevance of his character. “My character was of a guy who do believe in God but not in the rituals that are carried to buttering our desires.”

However, the well-experienced artist doesn’t leave a stone unturned to portray their skills with perfection. “We had and have been working so hard that the final output comes so naturally in front. Also, I think it’s not about just perfection but about our job to simplify the act which can express itself in an expressive form.”

Elaborating on one of his statements which emphasise on his love for theatre, he said, “Theatre has been my first love. Through it, I have learned the art of acting and this journey has been a meaningful both as an actor and a human being.” Theatre has today carved a niche for itself in the field of acting but yet there is a lot more which goes into it. Elaborating on the same, the actor who is also an avid director asserted, “Theatre encompass many things collectively at the same time. From writing, acting, production to consistently improvising  own skills with every act. This is also the very essence of every theatre artist. As an actor, I try injecting my life experiences into any genre I perform to always keep it appealing to real lives of the audience. A fresh approach to every act is what I always ensure to add to my work.”

Besides different genre he has performed, Rawal asserted on reading and learning as the key guide for evolving the skills of acting. “I always try keeping myself engaged in reading because that’s how I keep a check on the outer surroundings and accordingly embibe the emotions into my performances.” The actor who is known for his perfect one-liners and comic timings, Rawal believes that, “It’s not something which comes within, but with experiences and building command over words. I don’t consider it as a special aspect of my work but it's something that every actor must be good at. If I talk about the essence of acting, timings play a pivotal role in it.”

However comparing the acting deliver in films with a theatre acting, the artist asserted, “Theatre acting in itself is a difficult art. Once the curtain is up, the artist is on his own and has no other opportunity for re-take unlike Bollywood acting. It caters to instant approval and rejection from the audience”, and further added, “Ideally a film is director’s medium whereas a theatre is an actors-medium.”



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