Clean administrators need of the hour

Clean administrators need of the hour

A spiritually-oriented leader, by his/her sterling character, strong sympathy and love for mankind, can inspire trust and love in others. People find joy in working with such a person, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

Every organisation or institution in the world has a number of people working to fulfill its aims and objectives or to achieve its goals. Hence, proper functioning of these bodies necessitates good administration because no organisation or insitution, worth its name, can function well without a good administration.

An administrator, who is also called bureaucrat, manager or executive, has to set up the goals and targets and maintain the work schedule as well as efficiency of the team that is working under him. He has to work out a functional system of personnel management and to see that there is proper coordination among various parts and that the functionaries work as a team and have job satisfaction. Thus, the work of an administrator or a bureaucrat requires a multi-splendoured personality with many qualities, because he/she has to handle not just goods but human beings too, who have their own sensibilities,  perceptions and emotions. He should, therefore, have many qualities of head and heart that would enable him to handle matters with great acumen, skill, alacrity, understanding, efficiency and responsibility. However, if an administrator is short-tempered, volatile, depressive, melancholic, repressive and inconsiderate, he can lead the whole establishment into trouble or into ruins. Therefore, it is very necessary that an administrator should be jovial, friendly, dignified and bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, in order to lead his/her organisation  to progress. So a lot depends on the qualities and the personality of the administrator or the executive, because nothing will move properly and quickly unless he moves in the right direction. His is thus the pivotal position.

A recent study done by sociologists in India reveal that most of the administrators in public or private establishments live under extreme pressures from various directions and also under positive and negative pressures from within. Due to their multifarious responsibilities and pivotal position, they have to face bitter criticism, blames and brick bats, resulting from jealousy, rivalry of some and genuine or false dissatisfaction of others. For all these and for various other reasons, he/she, therefore, requires to be equipped with qualities which provide him the security of an armour and the source of mental, moral and spiritual strength.

Experience has shown that only  a spiritually-oriented administrator can maintain the much-needed balance between humility and dignity or tenderness and toughness, love and law and cheer and care. Such a character, by his/her sterling character, strong sympathy and love for mankind, can inspire trust and love in others. People find joy in working with such a person. They value such an executive of the organisation and have love and admiration for him. Today, the world needs nothing more but enhancement of these qualities in the administrator, the top brass or the executive of an establishment, because that’s the urgent need of hour. People want bureaucrats to cut short lengthy procedures and delay in decisions. Their attitude of help and kindness or proper consideration can win them great public goodwill and high appreciation which are no less an attainment and a satisfaction in life that one cherishes.

Their clean conscience and clean hands can build a clean society without the necessity of religious discourse. Such honest and disciplined people can thus give a healing touch to an ailing administration and give the public a great confidence, relief and respite, which would be most helpful in building a safe, better and healthy society.   



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