Crime Pollution


There is no global conference on the causes and consequences of this “environmental crime pollution” nor do people know of any remedy to this kind of pollution says Rajayogi Brahmakumar Nikunjji 

The culture of crime now pervades everywhere and people all over the world are constantly living under the threat of losing their life, property and honour. Legally, crimes usually are defined as acts or omissions forbidden by law that can be punished by imprisonment and/or fine. Murder, robbery, burglary, rape, drunken driving, child neglect, and failure to pay your taxes, all are common examples of crime. However, according to observations made by several eminent criminologists, the key to understanding crime is to focus on fundamental attributes of all criminal behaviours rather than on specific criminal acts. So, instead of trying to separately understand crimes such as homicide, robbery, rape, burglary, embezzlement, and heroin use, we need to identify what it is that they all have in common.


The topic of crime is so vast that volumes have been printed on methods of its prevention and reduction and dealing with criminals and so on. Till date so many able-bodied men and intelligent personnel and so much money and materials are used to propitiate the devil of war or the demon of crime and so much of media-effort is made to inform people of all this that one cannot accurately estimate the effort, energy and resources spent on it. But what is the result? The crime curve is rapidly rising high in the crime graph and, as the society is becoming modernised, crime also is becoming modernised. There is no doubt that literacy and education are spreading but, at the same time, crime also is spreading though educated people who are committing it in more intelligent and sophisticated way. The behavioural definition of crime focuses on, criminality, a certain personality profile that causes the most alarming sorts of crimes. According to criminologists, individuals who are impulsive are more likely to find criminality an attractive style of behaviour because it can provide immediate gratification through relatively easy or simple strategies. Today, there are millions of people across the world, who do not themselves commit crime but they, co-operate in committal of crime. Some of them poison others mind, incite, instigate or infuriate them or even persuade them to commit crime. As a result of this, the atmosphere is full of crime and there is more pollution in the air due to crime than due to cutting down of trees which, in itself, is no doubt, a crime against society. There is more thick smoke of crime than the smoke from chimneys or motor vehicles that get added daily to the already polluted environment. One sometimes wonders as to how many persons in the world have never committed a crime and have no criminal tendencies now. What is the ratio, today, of criminals to non-criminals? Even the religious zealots, the devoted lot and the church, mosque and temple goers are saying, in their prayers: O, God! You are Merciful. Have mercy on us because we have been committing sin and crime. Thus in one way or other, everyone admits that there is another kind of “global warming” due to the fire and smoke of crime. This may, in future, take the form of a last hot world war. They know that the “crime house effect” is becoming an equally potent threat as the “green-house effect”. Yet there is no such global conference on the causes and consequences of this “environmental crime pollution” nor do people know of any remedy to this kind of pollution other than what is already in use, namely the police, the courts, the jails etc. Nobody knows of such environment friendly life-style so that everyone is friend to the other and, so, the social, economic and political environment also is clean. We do not know about the ways of using the non-pollution energy of mind as well as the ways of getting positive “solar energy” from Supreme, the Spiritual Sun. It is, therefore, high time that people are given the awareness of this kind of education that makes our mind un-polluted. If the trees of our thoughts are felled and our minds are turned into deserts where there are no wells, lakes and reservoirs of the water of love, then life on the planet earth would become suffocating and our survival as civilised, honest and holy people will be threatened. Alas, if we spend even half of what we spend on military, weapons, police, jails and the paraphernalia and machinery of maintaining law and order on moral and spiritual education, our world would be much much better. 



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