Daddy cool

Daddy cool

Richa Chadha

I learnt to pursue excellence and quality rather than quantity from my father. He wanted me to get good grades but at the same time he let me enjoy my childhood with several extra-curricular activities as well. He supported me wholeheartedly when I told him I wanted to be an actor. I think I choose good content because of my parents.

Vicky Kaushal

My father taught me the value of humility, honesty and hard work. The one thing that he always told me while growing up was to be never afraid of the future. He would tell me, “If you give 100 per cent to your present, your future will be better than what you want it to be.” I live my life with this principle.

Taapsee Pannu

I admire my dad’s sense of responsibility, clarity and organisation. I learnt that you need to take  responsibility of your life as soon as possible. I think my clarity of thought is all thanks to him.

Saqib Saleem

One thing that my father always told me was that there “is nobody like you, always believe in yourself. What you can do, nobody else can.” So I think that’s what I live by. He also told me to be never afraid of competition as it would only make me better. He also insisted I should be happy about other people’s success more than mine.

Ali Fazal

My father always had a habit of making sure everyone got postcards even if it wasn’t a festival or an occasion that called for it. I learnt the art of writing postcards and letters from him. I’ve barely spent time with my father in the years I’ve lived. So I cherish the few where he tried his best to teach me things — the short versions compressed in school holidays when I’d visit him. I’ll never forget the effect that a personalised card has. You can’t achieve that with emails and fonts.

Pallavi Sharda

My dad has always had my back. As a kid, whenever I have had wild and fanciful ideas, he has looked at me and said “go for it.” I remember at school, when I decided I wanted to play the cello, he would drive me to class after a long day at work, read a book in the car and then drive me home. Until the moment I moved to India, he documented every one of my stage performances since I was three years old. He’s also a great cook and taught the science behind making a perfect roti. My favourite all-rounder.

Rs Aparshakti Khurana

A friend, a guide, a mentor, he dons many hats for me. It’s amazing to have a father who is now like a friend to you. While growing up, he was extremely strict. That is because I was a very naughty kid. I discuss most subjects with him. Funnily enough, since my father is an astrologer, every time I am about to do something unethical, I have a feeling that he would have already foreseen it and I stop immediately.

Tulsi Kumar

As a child, I was extremely introvert and shy. I recall how my father would peep through the door and hear me hum songs. I would stop once he came inside the room. But he sensed my passion and enrolled me for light classical singing classes the day I turned six. I am where I am because of papa. We three siblings — Khushali , Bhushan and me — still feel his presence and blessings.



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