Dance with Copycats

Dance with Copycats

With their musical tributes, this band can get people on their feet, says Mallika Sarna

Switch seamlessly from contemporary numbers like Ed Sheeran’s  Shape of You to old favourites like Beatles’ Hey Jude.  The multi-genre tribute band Copycats belted out one hit after another, much to the delight of their audience at Fio Cookhouse, Nehru Place.  The band has managed to capture innumerable hearts since its inception and comprises of some of the most talented musicians of the capital.  Formed by two college friends, Prabhtoj Singh and Aman Sagar, who decided to embark on a musical journey in 2015. While they have done multiple tribute shows in the past, including those to Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, at the recent show, they played songs of multiple artists.

The band’s unique name has attracted a lot of attention from many people in different cities. Singh says, “Cat is a slang word for musicians in the Jazz EDM. We are named Copycats because we try to pay tribute to all our favorite bands in the most original way possible. We try to cover all parts of the music, so if somebody listens to it then they are able to connect immediately and are able to recognise the song as well.”

At Fio Cookhouse, they did not pay homage to any specific artist, rather spiked up the atmosphere with a mix of various pop artists to jazz up the night.

After the initial start, two more people Danik Ghosh and Dan Thomas joined the band, the same year. Ghosh, who plays Bass, says, “We were in the same music society and we played as a united band in college.Copycats was formed in 2015 when we started with tribute shows, which we all wished to do in unison.

Our first tribute was to the Room for Squares album singer, John Mayer. People enjoyed these tributes so we took it forward. Since, there are a lot of tribute bands in the city; we decided to form one band which will cover all the genres possible. Our different tastes in music was the main reason for starting this concept and it has now become our bread and butter.”

Sagar, who is vocalist and guitarist, Copycats, says, “The response has been great so far. We have managed to be around for some time now and people keep calling us back again — I look at it as a superb benchmark. All bands have both good and bad shows, so we stay calm when the response isn’t too great sometimes. Also, keeping each other happy is important to ensure a terrific response. If any of us creates a John Mayer solo, we motivate him to do better.”

Indian music industry has a lot scope if appreciated and nourished well. Singh says, “As a cover band, we get a lot of work but at the same time all of us are a part of various other bands and also write music. I feel that the audience should be a little more open to original music. One of our aims of developing this band is to get more audience for our own composed music. The change we want to see is more support to our independent projects.” Probably, people need to be a little more open-minded and should not act stubborn about listening to covers everywhere.



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