Effortless travel chic

Effortless travel chic

DEEPTI SINGH GUPTA, a botanist by profession and a traveller by heart, talks to ANANYA SHARMA about combining her passion for writing, photography and travelling at her recent exhibit

There are two types of travel photographers. The kind   who decides and then captures the target and the other who becomes the subject with people and places thrust in the corners. This seems true for Deepti Singh Gupta, an avid and amateur photographer, whose pictures look like stories. For example, her photograph called Postcards from Paradise,  clicked in May, brings out the beauty of Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, which stands astride the Danube flowing down from Germany out to the Black Sea. “I went here along with my family and captured it while cruising. For me taking these pictures is like capturing the moment, bringing back a slice of paradise with me. A postcard-sized memory of the spectacle of the world,” shared Deepti.

In another photograph,  titledLife is a Bubble, she portrayed a woman walking on the streets of The Old Town Square with bubbles around her as if reflecting her happiness and excitement.  “I took this shot at the Old Town Square, the hub of all activity with hullabaloo and cheer. However, amidst all the touristy humdrum and cheer, the locals were going about their routine work with an aloof, removed attitude. Bubbles of surprise and joy for one while mundane everydayness for the others. Life is a mystery which unravels a new dimension each day and for each one,” said the enthusiastic traveller while unveiling the magnificent historical sight in Europe. The Old Town Square dates from the 12th century and started life as the central marketplace for Prague.

 Eternity, the cycle of life brings out the beauty of a rare flower of Uttarakhand. “It was shot at Naukuchiyatal, Uttarakhand. As I have studied botany, plants have remained subject of my interest. I saw this flower but couldn’t find out its name. Then a thought came to my mind. Why give a name to a flower? It anyway symbolises a bigger force, the continuity of life and its fullness in a moment. It is a promise of new life and I just captured it without going into the depth of its name and family,” elucidated the photographer.

A botanist by education, lecturer by profession and traveller in spirit and soul, Deepti recently had a solo exhibition “Postcards from Paradise,” a showcase of her travel pictures from all around the world. Enough to make us want to pack our bags and hit the road.

“I have always been a writer. I have written on various topics since childhood. But it is only during travelling with my family that made me more interested in and passionate about photography,” said the amateur shutterbug.

Asked why she went for photography and writing despite being a PhD in botany, she said, “I was tired of the mundane job and research. Only wanderlust kept me pumped up through a series of stress-inducing lab experiments and a taxing teaching job.” 

According to Deepti, “Photography is something that comes along with writing. My earlier clicks were pretty regular with no meaning. But now, I see a story and click accordingly. It has to have depth and meaning.”

A few of her pictures were clicked with her mobile phone. “Paradise is all around us, we just need to discover it no matter what the means,” she exclaimed.

Currently, her work can also be accessed at the internationally acclaimed Saatchi Art. As for her ultimate dream, she says, “We all dream and we all plan. Between all the dreaming and planning, I make my own story.” 



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