Feel at home in Egypt: Amjad Ali Khan

Feel at home in Egypt: Amjad Ali Khan

Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, who performed at the Arab Music Institute here, said there are many cultural and musical similarities between India and Egypt.

The event, which was a part of the Mega cultural festival India by the Nile, was attended by many music enthusiasts from Egypt. Ambassador of India Sanjay Bhattacharyya and other dignitaries were also present at the concert.

“I feel at home in Cairo. Music of Egypt and India have many similarities. There is a historical connection between Arabic music, Egyptian music and Indian music. We have so much in common,” he said.

The sarod maestro, who had earlier performed in Egypt in 1978 and in the 1990.

Music does not belong to any religion like flowers, air, water, fragrance and colours. But every religion needs music to express your emotions and feelings. Music is a precious gift of God.

“With sarod, I don’t deal with language because through sound I cannot manipulate. If I’m out of tune, you’ll know. Other types of music are based on language and texts.

Through language you can always manipulate. And unfortunately language is ruling the world, Khan added.

The veteran musician said he is “worried about world peace.”

“The 21st century should have been very peaceful and full of harmony. I think it is the worst time in the history of music. Because today people are killing each other on account of religion.

My father who is my guru he taught me the way of life. He told me that all of us have a common god and we are of common race. We have racial problems. I wish the priest of every religion should give this message, that we have a common God and we have a common race... humanity, he added.Khan will next perform at Syed Darwish Theatre tomorrow.




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