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Follow your passion

Mid-course artist A Sreedharan tells Team Viva how every phase of life inspired him to paint

Very few people have the courage to quit their job and it becomes even harder when it’s a highly paid job of an Industrial Automation Engineer. A Sreedharan, a 36-year-old engineer, however, decided to go against the flow. “I worked as an engineer for eight years but I was quite unhappy with it. Finally, tired of my  pathetic condition I decided to quit my job. After which I decided to start painting. My friends and my social circle started appreciating the kind of art I was doing,” he said.

Despite being an engineer by profession, Sreedharan’s creativity came to the fore about three years ago. However, prior to that, his imagination and creativity  were restricted to the back pages of college registers and sometimes the notepad he used while working. After quitting his job, he began experimenting with colours. As his artistic senses began to get recognised among his social circle, he decided to take a leap of faith. By the time his art developed, he started meeting people from the industry.

Initially he didn’t restrict himself to any particular genre. But as time passed, he understood that geometric art is what he loved. “I am able to express myself using geometric shapes and patterns. If I’m using a triangle, it represents human entity, the way  ancient Indians used triangle to represent a human entity. Multiple triangle crisscrossing is taken as intermingling of two sources of culture or any entity,” shared Sreedharan. Today, Sreedharan has carved a niche for himself in the world of geometric abstract art.

The depth of his thoughts can be seen in his paintings and sketches. You won’t be able to distinguish whether it’s handmade or printed but when you see it closely, you can feel the brush strokes and the kind of patience the artist had while making it. “My paintings are like my baby. It takes around two-three months to complete a single piece. Once I have completed them it feels like they have been born,” said Sreedharan.

He loves experimenting with colours. One can find the use of bright and contrasting colours in his paintings. Said he, “I was never too much into painting nor had I the apt knowledge of colours. A single colour is able to express numerous emotions and that’s what I love the most.”

His inspiration comes from his family and he gives them the credit for his success. “My parents and my wife are my pillars of strength. Even when I left my job it was my wife who inspired me and was always by my side,” he rounded off.



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