Geometric trajectories


Colorama, an Art Tree exhibition at Vivanta by Taj, had new-age artists depicting the Buddha, symmetry and life itself. By Arpita Singh

His art is a quest for finding the meaning of existence. It’s a search of one’s eternal light within the conscience. Artist Pankaj Nigam’s creations were unique and a beautiful combination of art and poetry. His canvas was about the search of  Buddha in oneself. His  painting of Buddha with the seven chakras of Buddhism in vibrant colours distinguished his creation from others.

The exhibition, Colorama, provided a platform for six new age artists who were handpicked on the basis of their creativity, and keeping the contemporary style and avant-garde architecture of Vivanta by Taj- Dwarka, in mind.

In sync with the design philosophy of the hotel, the artists have worked on limited edition pieces interpreting the jagged angles, geometric patterns and modern architecture using their respective media. Geometric abstracts, modern landscapes, sculpture and pottery were synced in such a way as to be in tandem with the architecture of the hotel. The whole idea was to bring a culture element in to the art works.

 For another  artist, A Shreedharan, geometrical abstract is not only a medium to bring symmetry in life but to make it lively as well. Every stroke meant happiness to him and it was the vibrancy of colours which fascinated him towards art.

Art brings an inspiration to live in harmony, believes Shreedharan, who is an Engineer by training. He says, “Painting gives happiness to me. We can feel frustration and stress around us. So I thought of pursuing something which gives me satisfaction. That is why I got into painting. I started painting four years back. It is something which comes naturally to me.” He further says, “I had not undergone any formal training.”

 Known for his unique geometric form of art Shreedharan says, “I can see plenty of asymmetry around in the world. Basically, I am a person who looks for symmetry in life. The almighty has defined a particular place for everything in the world. Nothing in this universe is misplaced. And that’s what I want to reflect through my geometric form of paintings.” He adds, “Every colour and triangle in my paintings, no matter what orientation, has some hidden meaning in it.”

Shreedharan, who aims to get recognition worldwide for his unique geometrical abstract art says, “I make it a point that I am in a happy mood while painting. I try to reflect my happiness through my art”. He says, “The geometrical art form is a modern age art, which needs to be expanded on a larger scale.”

 Artist Radhika Surana, whose works  were also showcased at the exhibition, wants to do the visual depiction of Indian classical ragas. She relates art as part of her life and says, “It was the fascination of colours which inspired me to become an artist.”

 Radhika prefers the medium of watercolours. She mostly uses  ultramarine blue and when asked the reason behind it, says, “There is no parameter for it, I make the choice of colours subconsciously.”

For Radhika, art and meditation are very deeply interconnected. She says, “The more you paint, the more you get involved in it. While painting you get connected with yourself and the same applies for meditation as well.” Radhika’s  paintings are deeply related to nature and can be connected to one’s inner self as well. 

 She is  spiritual who loves to sit in silence. She says, “Waterlilies by Claude Monet is one of my favourite paintings  because of the undertones of colours used and depiction of flowers in it.”

 Art creations of a contemporary artist Dhyan Passika including glass interior and ceramic sculptures and sculptures of  Madhur Sen and Sourabh Mazumdar were also on display.



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