Inception with Tatvamasi

Inception with Tatvamasi

Seema Kohli, a renowned artist in collaboration with The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) unleashed the Tatvamasi at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2018. As informed by Kohli, Tatvamasi is one of the beej mantras from the vedic period and the scriptures. It is the idea through which the individualistic approach expands in the environment and to the minds of other people. Unveiling the intricacies behind this concept Kohli says, “It is the theme of celebration that made me take up this project. The artwork depicts no remorse, but only positivity. Therefore, it can’t be pronounced as a commissioned work. But a concept that gradually came to mine and Sunil’s mind.”

She says that she has been keen to work intensely on the concept of Tatvamasi for the last many years. The whole idea of  I am You and You are Me in one word is the defining feature of Tatvamasi, which she wanted to express in a very different dimension other than painting.

“We brought these triangular mirrors showing the supreme  to depict the rising of the whole human values, ambition and more going upwards. At the same time it projects the process of becoming something from nothing, which is the prime source of crediting the anonymous paramount force,” adds Kohli.

Kohli will also been seen performing the concept of Tatvamasi at the USA. “It’s going to be a very different kind of a performance where the audience will learn the dimensions of being one yet different, yet the same,” she remarks.

She will be travelling to the universities in the USA, starting from Boston and Harvard University, School of South East Asian Art and Buffalo, Chicago School of Art, Connecticut and Davis University.

Her work aims to draw attention towards reliving our roots and how we have lost it in the rat race; loosing our individualities, exploring gender and knowing the feminine. “It is very symbolic to connect women with roots, how and where we lose it. The day we started raping the earth, we started raping woman in which we forgot where to stop and we looked for her physically. So that depicts the concept of finding and loosing yourself,” she adds.

For Kohli, the idea of celebration starts with every breath and every moment when we see ourselves in the other.



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