India by road

India by road

29 states, 2 people and a journey of lifetime... this is what #IndiaMyWay is about. Arjun Pandey, producer and Chandramouli Basu, creative head talk about a livewire experience over a coffee with Unnati Joshi

“In my parents’ generation, finding a job for the differently abled, let’s say hearing impaired, would have been impossible. But in Mumbai, Mirakle Couriers has turned this into a social enterprise. They mainly hire hearing and speech impaired. So what was amazing to see was how in every corner of India, new enterprises are focussed on delivering greater social good rather than aiming at profit alone, from small tribal village restaurants, to recycling e-waste, or an animal sanctuary, the emerging India is redefining itself every day, and it is incredible to be a part of this journey,” said Ambica Kapoor, producer of the show that is attempting to sense a social movement through a new TV documentary.

#IndiaMyWay is a 13-episode series that features a glimpse of India that goes beyond the clichéd images of temples and the Taj. It is a showcase of modern and contemporary India. The show is in search of young Indians, their passion and their continual quest for the unusual, exotic and adventurous side of life. The series introduces viewers to a range of eclectic characters ranging from celebrities, tribal fashionistas, women wrestlers, young scientists, tattoo artists, path-breaking entrepreneurs and a lot others.

“Every now and then television needs a reboot and this show itself is like a reboot. It’s not just a travel show or a lifestyle show, it encompasses a lot. It is sort of exploring the new India. It discovers thing that have not been looked at or things that have been looked at but overlooked. So it covers all those aspects,” said Arjun sipping his coffee.

“This show is the celebration of India; it’s about the ‘new cool’. It’s about how India is being redefined by young people. It has got adventure. It’s got a little bit of what young politicians are doing; it’s got innovations, start-ups, some lifestyle, some cuisine, and some music. I would agree with Arjun here, it’s a reboot of television. It has never been done before, it was far beyond travel,” gushed Basu.

 An avid traveler himself, Arjun said, “I am very passionate and very patriotic and this was before I started the show and after finishing the series, I love my country and its people more. While we might see negative news on television and media but every single time we connect back to people. When you are travelling, it’s like everyone’s there with you. You know what's fortunate is, we have had 18 people travelling 28,000 plus km, 29 states, not one incident. Try doing it in any other country, not possible. There are some remarkable people doing amazing things in this country and I think, it is one of the most beautiful countries.”

“In one of the episodes we have got youngsters who are doing great things with wildlife rescue. There are businesses that are being reformatted and created. And that’s when you realise it’s not the same India it was 10 years ago or a year ago. It is a better India. When you look at macro level, you say ‘Oh my God, we are blessed. This country is amazing’” he added.

Talking about his changed perception about the country post show, Basu eloquently said, “Well, this is the show that really gives you lot of hope for the country because you see so much negative happening around, you switch on the news channel and you just see that so much is going wrong with country, people are screaming their heads off and there is a lot of negative reinforcement. But with all of this happening in the country, there is a lot that’s being done by individuals and I think this will add up to a brighter future for us and help us to go forward.”

Having travelled across 29 states, Jammu and Kashmir being one of those, Basu told us, “To be honest, we didn’t go to the conflict zone. We were very clear that we don’t want to put our crew in any danger.

“You follow the government mandate on that, when the government has enforced curfew in certain parts, you cannot go there. I think it’s a continued journey that will go on. And I think there will be parts in times,” Arjun added.

Will there be another series then?

“We don’t know,” said Basu. “Potentially, I think with this series it’s about India. There are number of people in this country and we also have a number of stories, so basically we have around billions of stories. These stories need telling and we are here, we are loving it,” Arjun told us.

Enlightening the young travellers, Arjun said, “In the words of  Johnnie Walker, ‘Keep walking’. Keep travelling and keep exploring. Every story is a good story, there are viewers for it. That’s the beauty of our country. There are billions of stories out there, we could spend our life doing this.”

Actor and traveller Paloma Monappa and travel writer Meraj Shah will be seen hosting #Indiamyway

Talking about her adventure, Paloma Monappa said, “#Indiamyway has been a thrilling journey that traces juxtaposition of the new with the old.  The series encapsulates incredibly liberating and empowering works of young Indians which paints an inspiring picture of the emerging India.”

Meraj Shah also shared his experience and said, “I have been travelling for years, however, this road trip was unique and refreshing. #Indiamyway has been one of the most enriching experiences, offering a stimulating view about the contemporary wave in our socio-cultural structure.” 



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