Mushy no more

Mushy no more

Actor Rajeshwar gets chatty with Unnati Joshi on his short film Lovey Dovey and how his life has changed with social media

Rajeshwar is beaming with happiness following his new-found success as an actor in the short film Lovey Dovey. The 20-minute-film speaks about newly-weds, who supposedly have met through arranged matches, and their start to a lifelong friendship through some awkward moments and hesitant conversations on Valentine’s Day.  “It’s not mushy but very realistic and actually tracks the mature progression of a relationship between two people,” he told us.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Rajeshwar did his graduation from Whistling Woods International. He also worked as  an assistant director with some production houses in Mumbai. “My career began in Kolkata in a Star TV show. I even landed a negative role in a Hollywood project. A few ads and a stint with Chivas studios later, I did a few short films.”

He plays an Armyman in Lovey Dovey. “It wasn’t easy to get into Gautam’s shoes (Rajeshwar’s character). I started recollecting the memories of people I know who are in the Army and I also started observing certain people within my own periphery who can’t communicate properly with their girlfriends or with their wives. I am a total opposite of Gautam and so I started telling myself that whatever Rajeshwar does not do, Gautam has to do,” he laughed.

“Personally I have always been inspired by the military and if I wasn’t an actor, I would be an Armyman. Playing a military man’s role with a twist was exciting. Gautam for me was a very exciting character to play,” added he.

For Rajeshwar, the most challenging scene was the last bit of the film where the characters reconcile.

“My favourite scene is the last scene where the characters reconcile and get to know each other finally. The temperature there was minus five and I was shivering in a kurta pajama and a half sweater. It was a big challenge to shoot in the middle of January. The same scene was extremely challenging too. Sometimes it doesn’t sink in how we managed to pull it off, ” he told us.

 About the film he shared, “We shot the film in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. It is a very beautiful place and I have been there so many times before. I have always had a desire to shoot something there, especially, in winters because it’s so beautiful there. So we thought of something that would really be catchy and also do justice to the beauty of this small town.”

Permanent Roommates fame Nidhi Singh played the female lead. “It was fabulous working with Nidhi. There is so much to learn from her. She never for once made me feel awkward. Also, the entire team, especially the director, have given their best for this film.”

Has his life changed after Lovey Dovey has gone viral? The actor smiled and answered, “Life has changed for better. Touchwood! There are offers coming in. People do start noticing you because of social media. A couple of years ago, not many actors had a platform to express themselves.  Recently, I was at India Gate and a girl came to me and said, ‘You are Gautam.’ I was amazed. It was a fabulous feeling. Look at Nidhi, she is a big star now. A lot of people have been contacting me and they want to know more about me. I am very humbled and touched by the amount of appreciation we have got. I get calls from people asking for the sequel, a lot of people have asked me for it but unfortunately there won’t be any.”

So what was the worst challenge he overcame as an actor? “The toughest for me was the first scene. I have hated pickles all my life and had to try it with cornflakes. Luckily there weren’t many re-takes for that,” he signed off. 



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