AntarcticA is slowly melting

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Scientists have reviewed decades of satellite measurements to reveal how and why Antarctica's glaciers, ice shelves and sea ice are changing. Their report explains how ice shelf thinning and collapse have triggered an increase in the continent's contribution to sea level rise. “Although breakup of the ice shelves does not...

Social media makes you depressive

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Negative experiences on social media carry more weight than positive interactions when it comes to the likelihood of young adults reporting depressive symptoms, according to a new analysis. The finding may be useful for designing interventions and clinical recommendations to reduce the risk of depression. “We found that positive experiences...

Storyteller of images

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Shilpi Seth

Delhi boy Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi is now an ace international cinematographer who is trying to change the game using simple tools without too much digital jugglery. Can he reinvent his art, wonders Shilpi Seth When artist Tyeb Mehta gifted his grandson a point and shoot camera, little did he know...

In Fiji, Ileana reclaims herself

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | IANS

Actress battles depression, judgement by other people and is in a happy space She was all of 18 when her acting career took off, landing her in the cobweb of celebrityhood. But actress Ileana D’Cruz has managed to escape it her way — by prioritising family over work, maintaining a slow...

Joining the dots

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Shambhavi Suri

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have struggled for years to gain a collective sense of pride in their culture. Shambhavi Suri walks through an exhibition of the artwork of an entire community to gain a sense of their identity After light rains in New Delhi last week, Franchesca Cubillo,...

Daddy’s day out

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Team Viva

When it comes to gifting, dads are impossible to shop for. They have all the reasons to say no. If your dad, grandfather or father-in-law is the kind of guy who knows a thing or two about personal style, there are luckily plenty of ways you can indulge his interests...

‘Salazar was like a wounded bull in the arena’

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Team Viva

Academy Award winner Javier Bardem, who played the antagonist in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, was transformed into a wrathful avenger on a mission to end all pirates. The actor tells TEAM VIVA how he became Salazar The fifth edition of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series,...

My chef rules

Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 | Abheet Gupta

Your dining experience so far has been about sharing a space with strangers but this food boutique has cracked the code on how to make it more personal. ABHEET GUPTA tracks the crew down in Shahpur Jat to know how they do it Bespoke services are no longer limited to...

Be a sport and travel

Friday, 15 Jun 2018 | Rakshit Desai

India, with its huge millennial population, will change the sports tourism industry globally in the future, says Rakshit Desai India’s victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup is etched in the memory of each one of us who was old enough to understand the sport and its significance. Similar emotions...

Are we worse drivers than before?

Friday, 15 Jun 2018 | Kushan Mitra

There are hundreds of technological aids in cars nowadays. But has that made us worse drivers than our forefathers? From April 1, 2019, all vehicles sold in India will have to pass offset frontal crash tests and will mandatorily have safety features such as front airbags — only driver and front...


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‘Assault’ on police driver: Action against Kerala ADGP

17 Jun 2018 | VR Jayaraj | Kochi

In a swift move intended at stemming the protests brewing in the State police force against certain top officials’ ‘feudalistic’ practice of persecuting policemen and camp followers by using them as house servants, the Kerala Government on Saturday removed ADGP Sudesh Kumar, whose daughter was the other day booked for assaulting and verbally abusing his official police driver, from the position of head of the Armed Police Battalion. The action against...

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23 Jun 2018 | PNS | Kochi

MCD still waiting for HC order on encroachment Dehradun: Days after the High Court ordered the officials to remove encroachment from different areas of Dehradun like markets, streets and footpaths in four weeks, the officials concerned said on Friday that they were still waiting for the order to come. They, however, assured that they would execute the order once they get a copy and read it thoroughly...

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