Perfect retreat

Perfect retreat

This International Yoga Day, head to Goa to reconnect with nature

When one thinks of yoga, the first destination that pops up in mind is that of Goa. Goa is home to 126 yoga centers, schools and ashrams. Its yoga retreat resorts and centers are tucked away in the cozy crevices of nature surrounded by soothing landscapes and scenic shorelines. The forest of coconut trees tilts towards the steady churn of the surf. Next to it, one can strike a stylish pose.  In your photograph’s background will feature crashing waves. Alternatively, you can enjoy the peaceful humming of birds atop a mesmerising hill.  

India has been declared as the best wellness centre by many news agencies. The concept of wellness tourism in Goa is trending and Yoga is contributing to it immensely.  While places like Arambol in North Goa and Pallolem  in the South have numerous Yoga retreats, other parts of Goa including the  beach front have  a fair share  of these peaceful paradises too. The soothing sensations combined with organic food and rustic-styled accommodation at several of these centers and resorts make the trip worth your money. On top of this, the healthy, pollution-free air makes Goa the ideal destination for engaging in pranayams.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Manohar Ajgaonkar, Minister for Tourism, Government of Goa said, “Goa has amazing locales to perform yoga. Today everybody is health conscious and shifting to ancient alternatives for healing their bodies. Yoga is one such remedy. We are seeing a growing trend of travellers opting for Yoga Holidays and there is no better place for such vacations than Goa. I am optimistic that in the years to come Goa will be a leading destination for foreign and domestic tourists who will come here for the purpose of wellness tourism and in particular for yoga.”

 Goa may be a small State in comparison to other modern metropolis cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, however, it offers the perfect platform for attaining peace of mind with its beauty. Tour and travel operators have also opened up flexible holiday packages which suit your hectic work schedule. They will also incorporate a yoga tour especially for foreign tourists coming all the way from Europe.

 This monsoon season, it will be reigning yoga in Goa. Goa Tourism is hopeful that the holiday and the healing experience that Goa offers will make it one of India’s most appealing locations. People will yearn for such an experience long after they will have returned to their homes and frenzied lives.



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