Relive the Seventies

Relive the Seventies

The new song Dilli ki raat of the controversial movie Indu Sarkar is all set to the party anthem of the year, says Saurav Kar

After the power packed performance in Pink, Kirti Kukhari is all set to play Indu Sarkar which is set against the backdrop of the Emergency in 1975. The movie which releases on July 28 is about Indu’s point of view and how people joined the campaign against  the Emergency.

Bhandarkar’s movies have always been inclined towards realism, a mirror to the society. A new song, Dilli ki raat, which was released recently saw him elaborate about the movie. The director says, “From Page 3, Fashion to Chandni Bar, almost all my movies have always been an amalgamation  of reality and fiction. Following a similar pattern, Indu Sarkar  too deals with both the elements.  The  movie is 70 per cent fiction and the rest 30 per cent is based on real events which were documented in books, newspapers and  documentary films. This is a subject which I would like today’s youth to look at, who might have forgotten about the Emergency  period or might not even know anything about it.”

Bappi Lahiri, the veteran pop singer who introduced a variety of songs for the Indian youth to twirl upon says, “Madhur’s movies are always a hit and I am a huge fan of his work.”

1975 was also the year when he became ‘Bappi Lahiri’ – the singer. “Through this song I got to relive that glorious period. Before me it was Pancham Da’s (RD Burman) era and this song is a tribute to him, ” he says.  He feels that the song has something new to deliver as it is the first time he is working on lyrics dedicated to Delhi.

Talking about how the trailer has been well received by the audience, Bhandarkar shares, “I’m happy that after we launched the trailer 15 days back, there has been a good jump on the Wikipedia page too. People are curious to know what exactly had happened during the Emergency. I think today’s youth is ready to accept the movies which are strong and offer a hard hitting experience.”

Ishika Taneja, Miss Tourism India 2016, is the artist featured in the song video. “I am honoured to start my career with Madhur Bhandarkar. I could have not got a better opportunity than this. I’m a Delhi girl and this song is on Delhi. Hence, there is a universal connection and when you get the taste of 70s, it standsout out from the songs that are trending at present. I’m sure this song will be a hit as it has already got the touch of Bappi da,” she adds.

Bhandarkar shares his best experiences about the filming. He says, “Going back 42 years in Delhi would have been difficult to shoot from the operation point of view. So we created a set of Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, Turkman Gate and the ambience of Delhi which you will see in the movie. We  paid great attention to detailing. We brought phones, old rikshaws, typewriters and cycles.”



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