Television’s favourite love stories that we all want

Television’s favourite love stories that we all want

Call us hopeless romantics for seeking a perfect ending but we have fallen for these couples from famous television sit-coms, who have been giving us serious relationship goals since the past decade. They have made us both cry and laugh and have somewhere filled our imperfect lives with the hope that they can be set right. 

Rebecca and Jack, This Is Us

The adorable couple from the hit series This Is Us has proven that true love conquers all. From a young couple in love to the most loving and doting parents of the Big three, Jack and Rebecca have time and again showcased that true love outgrows all difficulties and differences. The young couple braved all difficulties with hope in their hearts, undying love for each other and the belief that “There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.” Their story was the perfect fairytale as their love continued to grow even after death did them apart.

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Monica and Chandler, Friends

It definitely came as a surprise to us when Monica and Chandler went from being best friends to best friends in love. Who would have guessed that the witty smart mouth and the clean freak would have made such an adorable couple? Right after London, and even during the sneaking around stage of their relationship, we knew right away that Monica and Chandler were the real deal. It’s safe to say that their friendship was in no way ruined and honestly “could there be anything better than falling in love with your bestfriend?”

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Mark and Lexie, Grey’s Anatomy

The couple was so perfectly flawed that they made our hearts melt. Mark and Lexie were one of the few couples who fought against the odds and won. They definitely gave us, hopeless romantics, some hope and left us with the belief that you don’t give up on something if you know it in your bones that it’s meant to be. One of the most loved couples on Grey’s Anatomy, Mcsteamy and Little Grey continue to be our couple goals even from heaven.

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Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

We have watched them grow and have grown with them. The evergreen Aldrin-Eriksen couple from How I Met Your Mother has always been close to our hearts. An innocent puppy love turning into a marriage, then blossoming into a family.

Marshall and Lily loved each other but most of all they loved each other’s quirks and flaws. They have truly had the most legend-wait-for-it-dary love story of all time. Here’s hoping that all of us find the Marshall to our Lily.

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