'learning needs to be seamless today'

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'learning needs to be seamless today'

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 | Pioneer

Arun Jagannathan, in an Avenues interview, talks about why the GMAT scores are preferred over CAT and the reason for learning via mobiles

How did the idea come to start online course for helping students to get  a place in one of the best institutes in India as well as worldIJ

Today students are looking for three things. First, they want flexibility in studying as per their own convenience. Second, they want access to the best faculty for that particular subject and are no longer satisfied with who they have available in their own cities. Finally, they are more comfortable with using technology, especially because there is a seismic shift in the way they have used it in other parts of their lives (shopping, booking a cab etc).

How did you inculcate your experience of management in starting  an online teaching and consulting platformIJ

I believe a good teacher is someone who knows a lot about the subject he teaches. But a great teacher knows a lot about a lot of things — which he incorporates into the subject he teaches. Also, as a teacher, I am able to better relate to students who are today in a position that I was once in. Second, a lot of start-ups have multiple priorities and projects at any given time. My experience in managing large teams across multiple client projects has given me the tools and techniques to manage a start-up.

How is technology helping students to prepare for exams like GMAT and GRE in IndiaIJ

Technology and pedagogy have to marry. If done correctly, learning can seamlessly fit into the way a student interacts with his world. For example, while sitting in the bus, he can put on his headphones and view a strategy video on our site. Or quickly browse through our flashcards to learn 10 new words using our app while waiting in the cafeteria,

How has GMAT score gained significance in last 10 yearsIJ

Over the last decade there has been a plethora of tools available to the learner. This means there has been a slight score inflation. The 99th percentile would start at a 750 about 10 years ago but now it starts at a 760 (scores out of 800). We also see the median scores getting positively skewed because of Indian and Chinese students.

Why are Indian B-Schools looking at GMAT scores over CATIJ

Two major reasons have been the flexibility to take the test throughout the year and the advantage of attracting global applicants.

What are the factors behind the increase in executive MBA programmes and colleges in IndiaIJ

There are three reasons for the rising popularity of executive MBA programmes amongst professionals. The first reason is increased goal-clarity. Second, with a few years of experience, you start to realise that the next job is not going to come from what you know but rather who you know. An MBA for mid-career executives caters to this requirement. The third reason is your ability to absorb different perspectives after a few years of working.

Why are more and more people in India choosing ISB over HarvardIJ

Unlike some years ago, there are plenty of opportunities in India itself. Right from working in an exciting startup to managing products in a global brand, there is no reason why you should not land your dream job in India. If you throw in other factors like employability, comfort and visa regulations, then it makes the decision all the more enticing.  Of course, the gold-plated brand equity of a Harvard in your CV is unsurpassable.

Why do young learners want to learn on their mobilesIJ

People mimic what they do in daily life. Those who grew up in the 2000s might have spent time in front of the computer, so a lot of courses came on CDs to be installed on your PC. In 2015, a student spends most of his time looking into the screen that he holds in his hands so it is obvious that learning migrates to that platform.

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