'Goal to create happy adults

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'Goal to create happy adults

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 | Anchal Sharma

'Goal to create happy adults

Parminder Gill tells ANCHAl SHARMA that it is important for every student to have sports education for overall development and to pave way for a successful career ahead

How and when EduSports came into existenceIJ

It was founded in January 2009. We basically have programmes for children of different age groups. For the pre-school, nursery and KG children, we focus more on the fundamental movement skills, which small children need to have before they move on to learn the sporting skills. For the first two primary years we focus on fundamental sporting skills like jumping, fetching, running, etc. so that students adopt all kinds of movement and coordination skills to play well in any of the sports they like.

How many school and students are benefitting from this serviceIJ

“EduSports currently works with 650 schools spread across 250+ locations in India, and engages over 500,000 children in an inclusive and positive sporting experience.” 

What are the main aims and objectives of this ventureIJ

Our aim is to partner with Government schools and NGOs across the country and help develop healthy and fit school children through the magic of sports.

Why is it important to have education in sportsIJ

With sports education, the child will learn key of life-skills like teamwork, discipline, hard work, dealing with failure etc, which are critical for success in adult life as well as in handling the pressures of growing up.

How does it help advancing one’s careerIJ

The goal is create happy and successful adults. We believe if the child is grown in an environment which is fitness and physicality conscious, then he is able to succeed for sure. We help them to grow physically, emotionally and mentally.

You have EduSports for parents and teachersIJ How will this helpIJ

Parents and teacher play important role in every child’s life. So it is very important for us to reach out to children’s parents and teacher, so that they can guide and encourage the interest in sports. We run workshops for parents; conduct detailed fitness assessment for children. We talk about health chart of a child’s family. We provide food pyramid which should educate the kid what is good for his/her health. We also conduct workshops for teachers for experimental level classes wherein they can teach the fundamentals of physics or geometry, by throwing a ball or using swimming ball for some experiment. The Idea is to integrate sports into the core psyche of educators and us and for the welfare of society.

What are the future plansIJ

We are in partnership with Government programmes like National Skills Development Council, wherein we train physical educations teachers. We also have also added a line called New Initiatives where we are experimenting with new ideas and thoughts, online and technology platforms to take the idea of sports to more people and beyond schools. There is R&D new initiative piece programme conducted by the founders. We have also launched a new platform called Disha which is an after-school talent academy, for coaching students who are passionate and aim to sharpen their skills in sports.

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