Let the games begin

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Let the games begin

Wednesday, 05 December 2018 | Dr Nayana Nimkar

Let the games begin

A degree in sports management will not only make you stand out in the crowd, it offers plenty of opportunities as well, says Dr Nayana Nimkar

Sports in India is one of the fastest growing sectors thanks to the commercial growth of sports sector in our country. The commercial part of it has opened floodgates for various skilled professionals including the growth of professional sports management companies, event organisers, sports and physical education curriculum providers, and nonprofessional sports teams and leagues in India.

According to reports, India contributes a mere 0.35% of the $700 billion global sports industry. However, with the increase of professional courses in India, the numbers are seen to improve. India is now investing in million dollar deals and is organising events worth crores.

Considering the fact that most sports enterprises are driving towards the data driven model where they study the game and players on the basis of the data analytics available, shows the huge opportunity that professionals have today.

While many people dream of representing their country at national and international tournaments, playing a sport is not the only part of it. People who have the exquisite knowledge and understanding of the game are much needed in the market. This can be done by gaining the knowledge of the same at the educational level.

A proper course in sports management helps a student analyse the intricacies of every aspect of a sport, starting from the rules of the game to the rules of the business.

Why sports management?

Apart from the packages and excitement that sports management offers, there is a whole array of opportunities that it opens up for an individual.

Widens career opportunities for a person: The profession offers handsome packages as and when you become expert in this domain. India is a country which is crazy about its sports and teams, and hence this is one field which can never go into depression.

Converts your sports passion into a career choice:Someone who is passionate about sports but could not manage to be part of any team or leagues, still gets an option to work closely with the game.

Gain skills relevant to the business world: Ones love for sports can never go in vain. No matter which area of sports management one works in, they have great opportunities to build their network, improve their communication skills, build a portfolio of their professional work and be of huge demand in the industry.

In order to choose this field, one needs to do a bachelors degree in sports management and/or pursue an MBA degree/ Masters in Sports Management. Post this, there are various job opportunities to choose from. Some of the interesting jobs to choose from are listed below:

Marketing specialist

A sports marketing specialist is responsible for handling the marketing/ public relations for a particular event/ game/ brand. They are responsible for deciding on the tactics of the game, coordinating activities for the event, planning the promotions for the event and everything from media partners to sponsorship partners.

Sports agents

Sports agents are responsible for negotiating the contracts and product endorsement deals. Successful sports agents are best negotiators and are best at networking to find the best deals for their clients. Apart from being on their toes, they have the perfect knowledge and expertise in marketing, finance and legal sectors. An MBA degree comes a lot handy because it prepares the students for this.

Information director

A sports information director is responsible for being the channel between the teams and the media. They are responsible for creating the press releases and maintaining relations with the media on behalf of the company. They also organize press conferences for the players and the coaches. They are also responsible for ensuring that the company has a positive light in the minds of people. The entire content that goes out in the media is handled by the sports information director.

Talent Manager

A degree in Sports Management gives you a podium to become a talent manager. Let’s tell you the fun part: You will be able to get your fair share of tickets for sporting events. A lot of the job will involve the person making sure that the players are selected and trained and hence one needs to keep his ears and eyes always open on the ground. Talent manager generally spends a lot of time at sporting events, not only keeping an eye on their current client, but scouting for others.


A person with a degree in Sports Management, can become a lecturer. Apart from imparting the knowledge about every sport and its practices, they can teach about the legal and ethical part of sports management. It is really an interesting profession for a person who is interested in being a lecturer and also is passionate about sports. 

Thus, by getting a degree in sports management, an individual can not only turn his passion of sports into a career option, but can also earn a lot of respect and revenue in this domain. 

The writer is director, Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, Pune, Maharashtra.

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