Catwalk calesthenics

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Catwalk calesthenics

Thursday, 04 October 2018 | Pioneer

Catwalk calesthenics

Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea. Year after year, runway gods have given us a heap of the strangest fashion fads. Be it Moschino’s car cleaner dress or Balenciaga's car mat skirts, a $3,000 straw hat dress or a pair of thong jeans, weird beauty trends have taken over high fashion. Not too long ago, even Former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah shared a tweet of the red vinyl shorts, designed by Alessandro Michele of Gucci and his post triggered a hilarious response from far and wide. Baffling fashion trends have always found themselves on the radar of tweeple. The thing about fashion is it is outrageous – this collection of men’s wear looked exactly like ‘leather diapers’. But such creative elitism in fashion trends do grab headlines and get several social media shares. 

At every Fashion Week, skinny models nearly break their necks teetering down the catwalk in towering platform hells and bind themselves up in an organ-shifting corsets, all in the name of style. With the fashion industry profits soaring,  display of such absurdity highlights the sense of beauty in the minds of the designers. Or, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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