Just office things!

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Just office things!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 | Pioneer

Just office things!

Stressedij low work outputij Now you can blame it on your office. That, at least, is what a study says. Research also points out that the office seating plan can affect a person’s performance. A majority of organisations miss a trick as they underestimate the impact of the employees-office design relationship holds.

A study led by UA Institute on Place, Wellbeing and Performance, examined 231 employees  in office buildings with sensors measuring their stress levels and physical activities for three days and two nights. It was found that offices with open seating arrangements had a crowd that were 32 per cent more physically active than the ones in private spaces. Not just that --- they are also 20 per cent more active than those in cubicle seating arrangements. Over the years, companies have experimented with open floor offices and shifting employees from desk to desk --- you can call it shuffling --- and these have fostered a culture of collaboration.  

 If you’re at office while reading this, take a moment and check out what’s there around you right now. Any changes in office arrangements can make -- or break -- your day, apparently!



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