Rogue spy cams

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Rogue spy cams

Sunday, 26 August 2018 | Pioneer

Rogue spy cams

Imagine you’re being followed by spy cameras wherever you go. That’s exactly what’s bothering South Korean women --- be it public toilets, gyms or changing rooms. While women are the targets in 80 per cent of the cases, men are also facing the wrath of spy camera. Hidden cameras capture both women and men in public places and their footage is later used in pop-up porn sites. Even trusting a friend has its repercussions. For instance, a man put a spy cam under his friend’s skirt without her knowledge in a restaurant. What was thought to be a friendly supper, turned into vicious perversion. Dubbed as the “molka” problem, this is not a new phenomenon in South Korea. Being technologically advanced, it leads the world smart phone market. That makes the situation all the more difficult --- crimes become hard to detect. Special police teams are being thwarted because no hidden cameras can be found during their investigations because the perpetrators are careful to take down these rogue spy cams within 10-15 minutes of having done their sleazy number.

It is difficult to bring these videos down once uploaded on the Internet. South Korean President Moon Jae-in ordered Government officials to explore tougher punishments for digital sex crimes. He said: “We must make sure that the offenders suffer greater damage than the damage they inflict.” Well said. India should pay heed.

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