‘Antibiotics must be avoided in Chikungunya’

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‘Antibiotics must be avoided in Chikungunya’

Sunday, 04 November 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Dr Suresh Kumar Agarwal, MS General Surgery and a clinical researcher who has done extensive research on herbal plants has advised the patients and others to completely avoid antibiotics during Chikungunya treatment. Dr Agarwal was addressing a press meet organised here on Saturday at Ranchi Press Club.

Based on the fact findings of his research work, Dr Agarwal said, “A research study taken in the year 2011 suggested that over 50 to 60 per cent patients who had been diagnosed with Chikungunya suffer from Chikungunya — Arthritis problem. Three types of drugs — pain-killers, steroids including antibiotics must be avoided to further avoid any trouble.”

The alarming rise in the cases of Chikungunya in the month of August registered from Ranchi motivated Dr. Agarwal to take up an extensive research work. “Chikungunya which started spreading from Hindpiri had covered other parts of the Capital City as well in August. Patients from different parts of the State Capital visited my clinic in the month of August-September with post Chikungunya problems. Over 20 patients got immediate relief after consuming Chikungunya Joint-Pain herbal Quath prepared from 16 herbal plants found here in Jharkhand,” said Dr. Agarwal — Founder of Amrita Family Clinic at Lalpur.

Further, sharing hismotto behind popularising Chikungunya Quath among the public without patenting the herbal tea, Dr Agarwal said, “I am not patenting my Chikungunya Quath (Herbal Tea) considering the benefit of public. Also, I do not want to market my drug for just making money.”

Talking from clinical perspective and safety of Ckikungunya Quath, Dr. Agarwal, who is in research field since past 30 years added, “The herbal tea is safe and it does not have any side-effects. From legal point of view, a doctor can prescribe any drug without anybody’s recommendation or permission.”