‘Internet of Things’ future of farm startups: Experts

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‘Internet of Things’ future of farm startups: Experts

Saturday, 01 December 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Experts in the field of farm and related technologies expressed their agreement over use of the Internet of Things (IOT) which can bring a win-win situation both for entrepreneurs and farmers.

Vinod Kumar who is promoting IOT for farm sector by using internet and latest technology in his address into sectoral seminar on agriculture startups held during the Agriculture and Food Summit on Friday informed about two of the devises developed.

“Scope of aqua-culture is immense in Jharkhand. We have developed a device that can monitor level of dissolved oxygen in water, pH and ammonia content in the water where cage culture is being taking place.

This would send a message to farmer’s mobile alerting him in case of any deficiency and even switch on the feeding machines attached. Another sensor is to monitor soil moisture, pH and soil quality into farms and update the farmers,” said he.

Vinod Kumar also informed about introduction of drones for examining level of pest attack and sprinkle pesticides in case of any need.

Kunal Prasad of Corpin Technologies stressed over working collectively with the farmers while digitising all their farm data. “We have technology which can alert our associated farmers about sudden weather changes, pest invasion etc along with supplying information to the purchases across the globe about availability of any particular crop at any particular place even remotely located.”

Nipunj Sabaarwal of Mahindra Top informed about technology of his company to setup protected farming technologies such as green houses. Abdul Ahmed of Farm Fresh and representatives of Moreish Bread also took part. Deputy Director of Soil Conservation with Department of Agriculture talked about initiatives in the form of agri startup policy, incentives of the Government for organic farming and other measures in the form of subsidy.

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