Experts stress organic farming for healthy food

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Experts stress organic farming for healthy food


In a workshop held here on Saturday organised by Nirman in collaboration with the Nabakrushna Chaudhury Centre for Development Studies (NCDS), the Odisha Millet Mission and the IGSSS, experts laid emphasis on encouraging organic farming and production of minor millets.

An exhibition of traditional food varieties and staple food was also organised to showcase the locally available food which has nutrients value.

“In my opinion, all native foods are nutritious; these contain all minerals, vitamins of the native soil required for native people, help arousing immunity and disease resistance power,” said natural food campaigner Dr Balaram Sahu.

He further added that because of changing lifestyle and adaptation of fast food which are easily available in market, people are affected by all kinds of diseases.

The programme aimed to create awareness among consumers regarding benefits of safe and nutritious food and deliberate on the issues around it and set agenda for taking action.

As a part of the campaign, it aims to promote consumption of safe and nutritious food, which in turn will encourage farmers for production and will ultimately help in reducing poverty, protect environment and contribute towards sustainable development goal.

Executive Director of NIRMAN  Prasant Mohanty welcomed the guests and participants. “There is huge investment required in building knowledge system in sustainable farming and safe food production,” said NCDS director Srjit Mishra. Dr Mishra had cited examples of Zero Budget Natural Farming model adopted by Andhra Pradesh.

There was a day long discussion involving thematic experts on sustainable farming, livestock, climate change, researcher, CSOs, entrepreneurs, city gardeners, representatives from media and government officials.

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