Illicit fuel products seized in Giridih

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Illicit fuel products seized in Giridih

Thursday, 11 October 2018 | PNS | GIRIDIH

A special team, working on inputs gathered, seized a huge volume of diesel, petrol and other mixing chemicals in Giridih, said civil SDO Sadar Rajesh Prajapati.

Acting on tip-off local police, led by the Civic SDO Rajesh Prajapati and SDPO, Jitwahan Oraon carried out raid at the Baba line hotel of Giridih on Bengabad-Madhupur Road of Mica City and seized 11 drums of diesel and petrol and other mixing chemicals.

However, police failed to make any arrest as no one was present in the hotel at the time of the raid. Locals told the police that the hotel was locked and the inmates had escaped few days ago. “It seems that they had an inkling of the police raid after the fiasco in Giridih, where their stockpiles were seized in two different raids over the day, said a member of the raiding team.

Superintendent of Police (SP) SK Jha confirmed the seizure of fuel and other materials from Baba line hotel and said that it was being verified whether the seized fuel was duplicate or acquired by theft. The police also recovered some documents from the hotel, which describe the process of manufacturing fuel.

Some others liquor was also seized during the operation, which began at 11.30 am and concluded at 3 pm.

Jha said that the hotel located in the Bengabad on Giridih -Madhupur Road belonged to local youth.

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