Neuro navigation technique all set to transform traditional surgery

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Neuro navigation technique all set to transform traditional surgery

Thursday, 06 December 2018 | PNS | Haridwar

With the advent of neuro navigation, the quest of the surgeons for safer, less invasive and more cost efficient procedures are coming to the consummation. The way GPS satellites pinpoint the location of the smart phones the neuro navigation system like GPS leads the surgeon to the precise area where the surgery needs to be done. For the first time, the technology has been introduced in Dehradun and technical consultancy in Haridwar by Max Hospital.

Navigation in surgery is an important example of today’s technological capabilities being applied to medicines, say the doctors and add that the hospital offers endoscopic procedure to solve spinal problems.

Speaking to The Pioneer, Dr Anand Mohan Thakur, senior consultant, department of Neurosciences of the hospital, said, “Navigation in surgery came out of the desire to perform safer and less invasive procedures. Computer- assisted neuro-navigation is a revolutionary technique in both neuro and spine surgeries.

It is all set to transform the traditional surgery.”

Notably, the computer neuro-navigation is an electronic machine which is guided by computer to navigate or direct the surgeons to the exact point in brain and spine where surgery has to be performed. The computer processes the CT and MRI scans done before the surgery and create the scan to give a three dimensional view of the brain and spine along with the tumour and its placement. It ensures that the exact location and extent of the tumour is made with utmost precision.

Dwelling further on the advantages of the neuro navigation system, Dr Thakur said that a vast majority of the people in India are scared when it comes to spine and neuro surgeries. “This is natural as it involves high risk and complications. Results are largely favourable, but neurologic or spinal damage may leave major impacts some of which can be life-threatening. The new system helps the doctor reduce the damage to surrounding structures of brain and spine, thus ensuring optimal removal of tumours and cancers.”

Most of the spine and neuro surgeries are traditionally done as ‘open surgery’ where a portion of the skull is removed or the spine is opened with long incision.

However, with the advent of neuro-navigation, the accidental damages and their possible consequences like memory loss, speech or motor difficulties, personality change and various intellectual deficiencies can be avoided. “It is for these advantages that neuro- navigation makes a huge difference,” he added.

Medical superintendent of the hospital Dr Rahul Prashad informed that the hospital provides comprehensive and holistic care to the patients suffering from spinal and brain disorders and the people can avail it at a relatively lower cost here than in the metros.

A few facts about neuro navigation:

  • Open surgeries with greater accuracy
  • Makes surgeries less invasive
  • Minimal to no damage of healthy tissues during surgery


  • Smaller incision, faster recovery.


  • Radiation reduced to 80% in spine surgeries

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