‘A psycho trip for me’

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‘A psycho trip for me’

Sunday, 09 September 2018 | SANGEETA YADAV

‘A psycho trip for me’

Talktime | Salman Khan

The host of Bigg Boss Season 12 talks to Sangeeta Yadav about hosting one of the most popular and difficult shows on TV and how despite being acontroversial show, it contributes to the society

Many find Bigg Boss a vulgar show. What’s your take on that?

I don’t think Bigg Boss is vulgar. Yes, there are controversies and dirty politics that arise due to conflicts and survival instinct. There are some things that the audience enjoys and some they don’t. The inmates of the House have different personalities and choices. Of late, incidents have taken place. But the audience knows that it was done only for the TRP ratings. There is no concrete or relevant issue and that contestants are acting to get mileage.

Sometimes, the inmates get carried away by the moment. They forget that there are cameras all over the place. Their true personalities come out eventually. Sometimes contestants do something drastic which you can’t show on TV. This is not a web series where we show anything and everything. It is my job to check on the contestants and tell them what to do and what not to do.

How does this show contribute to society?

The show is a reflection of our society. The inmates are common people like you and me who are picked for the show. Over these 11 seasons, we have had 20-22 contestants every year and these are people from all walks of life. But the TRP that gets generated is in crores and the audience waits for the season to come back year after year. The show is about competition and saving themselves from being eliminated. Bigg Boss is the most difficult show to do as it tests you on a mental, emotional, physical and psychological grounds. 

Surviving on limited food and resources, lack of proper sleep and facing difficult tasks is challenging. One has to be shut in the House for three months, with no contact with the family, which is difficult. You have to stay with people who irritate you or you don’t get along well with. This is tough.

How difficult it is to host it?

You get to see so much in three months. So many changes in a person’s personality — somebody turns from good to bad. People who show the worst behaviour suddenly turn out to be more principled and noble. Everything is possible and it usually takes a lifetime to learn and bring about a change.

Since I watch every episode twice, I know what is happening in the House and who is playing what kind of game. It is not that I am briefed in the morning and then we interact with the contestants at Weekend Ka Vaar. For 90 days, you get to see people, understand their psychology, what they are and how they react. It is a psychological trip for me.

How much do contribute to meaningful cinema?

The cinema that I do is very meaningful. I believe that the film for which people invest their money to watch it on big theatres, that is meaningful for me.


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