Vastu tips for the puja

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Vastu tips for the puja

Sunday, 04 November 2018 | Jai Madaan

Vastu tips for the puja

Astrologer and vastu expert Jai Madaan shares a few good luck tips this Diwali

Diwali celebrations may vary in different communities, but its significance and spiritual meaning is generally ‘the awareness of the inner light’. The festival symbolises the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness.

No matter how you keep your house for the rest of the year, on Diwali, correct vastu of your home becomes extremely important. Here are a few tips one can follow:

  • This Diwali, address the following directions to achieve positivity and specific results:

North: A water feature will help you start new projects.

South: Hang rock mountain pictures that inspire you to achieve more.

North-East: A bowl of fresh water on top of a 500 rupee note for your business's prosperity.

West: A clay pot with yellow flowers will increase savings.

North-West: Place a piggy bank to enhance your energy to work and make money.

South-West: To improve cash flow and speed up recovery, hang a crystal ball. South-West: Keep your bank/investment papers in this sector facing towards

North-East: Put a picture of rising Sun to achieve name and fame.

South-East: Put nine stick bamboo plants to grow wealth.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning home and the surroundings like such as balconies, porch, staircase and basement is very important. Remove all the spider webs and clutter to make a room for positive energies to come.
  • Best corner for worshipping: The north-east corner of the house is the most accurate and ideal corner for worshiping. If not this then you can also move to the eastern corner of your house. The worship place should not have black colour around it and do not wear black or dark coloured clothes.  The northern corner of your house is related to wealth and Lakshmi puja should be done in that direction.
  • Placing idols: The idol of Lord Ganesh should be placed on the left side of Goddess Lakshmi, while Goddess Saraswati should be placed on the right side. The idols should be in the sitting position.
  • Front door of the house: According to Vastu Shastra, your front door is connected to new opportunities and the gate should be kept open on that day so that the opportunities can come in. Avoid clustering behind the main door.
  • Spray salt & water: Spray a mixture of salt and water in all the corner of your home, especially during Diwali. It is believed that salt absorbs the negativity and purifies the atmosphere. After spraying, wash your hand well with soap.
  • Light guggal dhoop: During Diwali, light guggaldhoop in all the corner of your home. This dhoop strengthens all the Vastu Purusha and brings down the stress level by escalating peace in the family.
  • Mango leaves and marigold flowers are considered auspicious and bring good luck in the lives of family members. Hang Toran or door hanging made from marigold flower and mango leaves at the main entrance door to attract blessings of God.
  • Small footprints in the front door are drawn from mix of rice flour and vermilion in the direction of going in the house and not coming out. This symbolises the goddess’ entry into your home.
  • Use diyas (earthen pots) and candles in your Diwali décor. You can use pure ghee or linseed and mustard oils for lighting up the diyas. They have beneficial health effects and kills harmful germs and insects. Always place diyas in multiples of four on the parapet and the boundary walls as each one of them represents Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Kuber and Lord Indra.
  • Make Swastik & Om symbols on the North/East walls to bring prosperity and good luck. Don’t make it in the rangoli on the floor.
  • Place diyas to lighten every dark corner. Places such as bathroom, kitchen, staircase and other dark corners of your home should be lightened to attract positive energies.
  • According to Vastu, it is a good idea to include gold and utensils too. Apart from jewellry, gold and silver coins are accepted gifts for promoting prosperity. It is also suggested that the coins which are used during the puja should be later stored in red pouches with golden strings, as they are believed to be symbols of blessings from Goddesses Lakshmi and bearers of good luck throughout the year.
  • Make rangoli near the entrance of the house and in front of the puja room for creating a positive environment. Preferably, use the traditional materials like sand or rice powder mixed with food colours for creating rangoli.
  • Diwali is the ideal time to chalk out your financial goals for the year, or review them if required. Vastu suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations.

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