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Manage Time

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Manage Time

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 | Karan Jain

Manage Time

In order to succeed in life, it is essential to understand the value of time. KARAN JAIN shares tips that can help employees

Most people who succeed in life understand the value of time. They understand that time used wisely plays a strategic importance.  Hence the proverb time is money aptly resonates with successful individuals. But this is no cause for alarm, rather it presents an opportunity. Effective time management can be practiced by anyone and what’s even more exciting is software available today helps manage time well. Such software can help employees plan their day, week, fortnight, month, or even a year.

Here are a few ways such software is helping employees manage their time.

Enabling Bio-Metric Login

Gone are the days when employees in Indian offices used to mark their attendance by signing a register. Instead, nearly every office in India today has biometric provision that marks attendance when employees scan their fingers or thumbs. This is a huge improvement over how things were done in past decades.

Such software not only allows employers to know at what time employees are logging-in, it also allows them to know how punctual they have been. Using data from such software, employees can plan their schedule better. They can keep a track as when they are coming to the office and leaving it. This way it avoids any unnecessary confusion or conflict.

The bio-metric login also sheds a light on how productive employees have been. Such learning helps employees and employers craft schedules that are most productive. For instance, some employees who are regularly late may opt for working hours that allow them to start work late and leave later than others.

In organisations where the head count is generally higher, such software can grant insights that increase employees’ productivity significantly.  In evidence of this, consider that the US Department of Commerce has revealed employees falsify the number of hours they work. The Department of Commerce estimates this costs US companies $50 billion annually.

Indian employers who don’t use biometric technology are likely being cheated of a comparable sum. This highlights the fact that when biometric technology is used properly it can save companies time considerably.

Scheduling & Tracking Tasks

What could be better for an employee than being able to be guided step-by-step through the processes necessary to complete a task? For instance, an employee who needs to create a website can enter every step-by-step process that needs to be done to make the website functional. Each step that needs to be done can be allotted the time necessary to complete it. The HR software then does the rest by scheduling a start date for work to begin and an end date when the site should be completed.

If the planned site can be ready in 10 days, the software will create a calendar that will let the employee know what he or she should be doing on each of those days. As progress is made every day the software tracks it and presents it to the employee in the form of an attractive, easy to use, GUI interface. If there are delays the software can make provisions for them by rescheduling tasks that need to be done and by creating a new timeline.

Doing Multiple Tasks

Many if not most employees are required to do multiple tasks every week. Hence they may be required to complete two websites throughout a fortnight and be required to write code for a third. In such a case, the employee may enter the time necessary to complete each task he’s required to do over the fortnight and the software will create an optimal timeline that makes possible the completion of each.

Because planning and executing three projects is harder than planning and executing a single one, HR software is often the best way for employees to schedule their work. In the absence of such software, employees will keep guessing as to what needs to be done next.And because things rarely go as planned, when exigencies' arise mid-way, making an alternate plan becomes difficult without HR software.

The HR software that helps schedule tasks is also essential because in a typical office a whopping 89 per cent of employees’ waste at least some time every day. Hence when employees can schedule tasks, it increases productivity because employees have a structured schedule that keeps them focused on their tasks. 

In some people, the phrase time is money evokes fear because they are terrible at managing their time. Such people’s inability to manage time makes them nearly helpless in all their pursuits; however, those who use HR Software are excited by the phrase because they have the tools that allow them to manage time well. They may not be geniuses, but they understand how to get things done promptly because they use HR software.

The writer is co-founder, HR-One

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