Strike the right chord

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Strike the right chord

Wednesday, 14 August 2019 | Ritika Singh

Strike the right chord

The rise in tourism industry has opened doors for increased jobs in hotel and tourism management. Ritika Singh shares tips on how to make a career in this field 

With an upward trend in the field of tourism, it has been realised that employees are the biggest assets in keeping the guests delighted and the business profitable.

The increased recognition of the economic importance of tourism has made it necessary for tourism education to be more dynamic and understand the industry’s demand better. A primary concern is the lack of suitable and trained manpower which will create a crisis in the industry and also impact the customer experience thereby negatively impacting the image created through promotions and advertising.

Going by the present market scenario, there is a major shortfall of appropriate manpower for the industry even though there are educational institutions in both public and private sector operating at national and international levels.  This industry is very dynamic and therefore the education in this field also has to match the requirements.

One of the major issues which the industry is facing is the employability of students who aspire to make their career in this field. There are a lot of students who may possess the required skills to do the job but suffer in the area of soft skills.

The hospitality industry is essentially a blend of skills, attitude and communication. Educational institutions therefore need to focus on all these areas in order to have the right balance. Along with knowing the job, one also needs to have a basic level of communication and ability to work with others in a team.

Institutions must review the curriculum along with the industry experts and include all areas which are important in the operations including soft skills. The curriculum should focus on holistic development and the experiential aspect of the industry. While the institutes of repute do take care of this aspect but off late there have been a lot of small institutes mushrooming in different parts of the country so there should be a strict control by the regulatory bodies to check their delivery as it hampers the image and standard of this profession.

The colleges and institutes may want to collaborate with industry and have hotel partner with them in their training. This is extremely helpful as the professionals from the hotel help the students in fixing the right expectations and also make the hotel available as a live learning ground to the students. This will also streamline the way internships are undertaken and give students the freedom to discover career opportunities first-hand within the comfort of their education.

Last but not the least, a right balance of the faculty is important as they are the ones who are actually the role models and deliver the learnings to the students. So keeping the above views in mind, Hospitality education can be made more meaningful and would hit the right chord with the industry.

The writer is HoD, Hotel Management, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies

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