Worried About Your Expensive Car? Give It the Eye It Deserves!

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Worried About Your Expensive Car? Give It the Eye It Deserves!

Friday, 17 May 2019 | Agencies

Worried About Your Expensive Car? Give It the Eye It Deserves!

Everyone dreams of buying a luxury car, yet only a few truly realise their dream. Be it for comfort, safety or performance – people buy a luxury car for reasonsinnumerable. If you too own a luxury car, we know how close it is to your heart.

Today, more and more people are buying cars from the luxury segment. In fact, according to the numbersby India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the automobile production increased by 9.84 per cent year-on-year to reach 26.26 million vehicle units. It’s expected that by 2020, the luxury car market will grow at 25 percent CAGR.

The entire economicshift suggests that more people are buyingluxury cars every year.

However, with increasing luxurious cars and cars in general, the worries also increase. With increasing road accidents and chauffeur exploiting the vehicles, you will always remain on the edge of your seat. Just buying a vanilla GPS Tracking device will notput your worries away.Yes, accumulating funds and making the purchase is not the only tough part. There’s more to the story.

Here are a few instances that are bound to make you worried about your expensive new car.

Car Worries That Always Keep You onYour Toes!

  • Your Kids Sneaking Your Car Out

The idea of flaunting an expensive car is a tempting thought for the young ones. You might never know when you are away or asleep,andyour child sneaks and takesyour car out for a drive with their friends.

You know they can be super sneaky and hack their way around the GPS tracking device.We hate to be a bummer, but most of the car accidents happen during the night due to underage driving, rash drivers, drunk drivers, and low visibility.

  • Chauffeurs Misusing Your Car

A lot of us have chauffeur driven cars to make our commute simpler and more comfortable. Even though you think that your worries would decrease since you have a chauffeur,unfortunatelythat doesn’t happen.

Even though you get to sit in the back seat with comfort in a clean car, there are still worries looming over you. You always have a fear of your chauffeur misusing your vehicle when you aren’t physically present. He might just sit in the car and use the air conditioning to slip into a summer slumber.

  • Tracking Car When It Breaks Down

A break down is inevitable when it comes to cars; it is bound to happen sometime or another. No matter how well your car is taken care of and sent to regular servicing or even how expensive your car is, it could happen anytime.

In these cases, it becomes challenging to track your loved ones and your vehicle. Most GPS tracking devices have awicked way malfunctioning at the time of need.

  • Rash DrivingYour Vehicle

As we all know, rash driving has claimed plenty of lives in the past. The National Crime Research Bureau (NCRB) statistics showthat more than 90% of road deaths in 2016 were due to rash and negligent driving. This report is alarming and is a reminder to always be on your toes while driving or being driven around. You also never know how people such as your family and chauffeur are driving your car during your absence.

Time to Stop Worrying

With a plethora of cars on the road these days, you and your car’s safety areessential. You alwayswant to equip your vehicle with the best devices to ensure that it is alwayssafe and secure.

To address safety, a reliable and multi-functional GPS tracking device with in-built dash cam such as KENT CamEye works wonders. It has features like GPS tracking, route playback, two-way audio, face recognition, dual cameras, live video streaming and a lot more. Devices like these not only keepan eye on your chauffeurbut also ensure the safety of your vehicle and loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Get KENT CamEye and don’t be worried about your expensive car anymore. Book a free demo to know more about this new-age vehicle tracking system. Once convinced, you can easily buy KENT CamEye from Amazon.

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