Al Qaeda Kashmir issues threats to police, sarpanches

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Al Qaeda Kashmir issues threats to police, sarpanches

Saturday, 14 September 2019 | Rakesh K Singh | New Delhi

Unsettled by the tight security measures on the ground, Ansar Ghazwatul Hind alias Al Qaeda Kashmir has issued a statement threatening the police personnel and sarpanches from the State that they will be killed without warning as they are playing the role of Government just for monetary gains and are against Islamic interests post-abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

"The freedom movement of Kashmir is on the last stage and the sacrifices of the Kashmiris and their blood will bring a fruitful result. Every part of Kashmir has proved that no matter what the hurdles are, they will not care about it and will achieve its own goal towards freedom eliminating the atrocities of the Indian government," claimed the banned terror group's statement which echoes the sentiment of the Pakistan army-ISI complex. 

"After abrogation of Artile 370, it has proved that the politicians and their leaders of Kashmir have made a grave mistake by trusting and supporting the Indian government and the detention of Omar Abdullah , Farooq Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Sajjad Lone has proved that even if you side by these Kuffar (non-believers of Islam), they can never be your well wishers," it further said.

"Indian government for the sake of their own benefitused the trust of the common people and the leaders of Kashmir, on 5th of August the Indian Government revoked the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. Common Kashmiri and the mainstream leaders are forced to come under one banner. This was the final betrayal which was needed to achieve the success of freedom. Despite this some police officers, SOG (Special Operations Group), Panchs, Sarpanches, are playing their role for the Indian government just for monetary gains," it said.

Warning the police officials, SOG personnel and the Sarpanches, it said, "Finally,the true face of these people these people has been revealed. And now these corrupted officers are sarpanches will punished by death without arning."

It went on to warn even the public by articulating, "We warn the general public to maintain distance from these people. Now there is no place for them in Kashmir. Our fight is not only for freedomof Kashmir but also to conquer Hind (India) and liberate it from the Kuffar and establish the rule of Allah on his land. We welcome our mujaheed brothers from Hind to join us."

It further said, "We warn the Indian Government not to even think about settling in Kashmir for else will make Kashmira graveyard for the Kuffar. By the will of Allah, this war will be fought through in every nook and corner of India."

The statement added that this message could not be published through the official media channel of the outfit "Al Hurr" due to communication blackout in Jammu and Kashmir. This admission apparently justifies the communication blockade in the Valley, Intelligence officials said. 

Counter terrorism expert Dr Rituraj Mate said, the outfit is seeking to penetrate the follower base of the mainstream political parties for a widened base and manipulation in governance at a future date as they will be the first to again join the mainstream governance structure. "

The outfit is also seeking to rope in the Muslims from the Indian hinterland due to the incompetence of the Kashmiri jehadis due to which it is unable to implement the grand strategy of jehad in entire India. It is also compelled to act because of the influence of the ISIS in the region following the deadly blast in Colombo earlier this year.

The outfit will aim to enlist the support of the ultra Muslims in South India in particular and community members from other States in general, Dr Mate added.

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